Omega and Cindy: Time Together

I believe this passage depicts a way to grab your attention by using the subject, Cindy Crawford, and the watch to symbolize the relationship between the two, just as how people are having the “illusionary” relationship with their belongings. But that just means we care about it and also nobody seems to care how they are made.

I agree with her statements because we as humans do desire relationships but as the same time a relationship between ourselves and an object we care about because if it seems to endure the harsh conditions while being looked new, then that shows dedication towards the object. While this is happening, the method to manufacture these products are unknown to us but that never seems to hit us.

One thought on “Omega and Cindy: Time Together

  1. rmichals

    While what you wrote isn’t entirely clear to me, you do emphasize the idea that the ad promotes the idea of having a relationship with an inanimate object. And how can the watch give back except possibly by conferring a certain status to the person wearing it.


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