Cindy Crawford Omega

What she is saying about her piece is about the  over all ad and how she is putting herself as the center piece, she is the focused towards the camera with a very sexual way with her mouth open and the way the light is directly at her. She is wearing the watch and in the first paragraph it states “time together”. To me this means that her and the watch have a relationship, which is a part of her personality as a person. This image of her is a bit dramatic because of the lighting position straight at her but in a very soft and gentle way. The second paragraph she is telling us how we don’t care how the product is made, but we just want the product that is being stole. We don’t look at who or what makes the, we just know that it is appealing and we want it because we already made a relationship with the product that in a way we are selfish to not even care about what happens before the product is even being advertised.

I disagree with her. The reason is because an AD and the way the product is made,  depending on the ad business statement are two different way of looking at it. By this i mean that an ad is suppose to be appealing and the public should have a relationship and because they have a relationship the target audience will keep buying your product over others. If we decide to tell the public ho wit was made, weather works were treated well or not, than everyone can say bye bye to things that the enjoy. In reality almost everything is made in ways people might not like but its just the way things just have to be. There was this saying “there are certain things better not said “. In general i think that everyone should be told the truth about anything but its the way the business goes.

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