Lighting Styles – Clemson Brown

Broad Light, with the face in 3/4th view. Light is more exposed on one side.

Short Light – Light Falls on the side of the face with the features.

Rembrandt Ligjt. Looks for the key triangle on the side of the face away from the light.

Light Silhouette, darkness appears most on one side.

Split Light. The Light is 90 degrees from the subject. One half the face is dark

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One Response to Lighting Styles – Clemson Brown

  1. rmichals says:

    Your examples of broad and short light are really good. I like how you are looking up in the short light example. It adds drama to the shot.

    Rembrandt light is usually when the model is looking forward.

    Try holding the phone a little further away and crop in later with the Lightroom app if needed. It may lessen the distortion.

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