HW 1- Ashley Lopez

I chose a photograph from Suzanne Stein’s New York One and the photo that spoke out to me was the After School L train to Brooklyn photo. It shows a mother holding on to the pole on the L train as her daughter rests her head on her chest. She seems to be really tired and exhausted and can’t wait to go home. This photograph spoke  out to me because mothers will always have their children’s back and hold them up (literally sometimes) if they have too. In this case, the mother looks exhausted as well, she’s holding a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and her eyes seem pretty low, as if she had a long day, maybe she was a t work or working around the house.  A mother can work all day and still find the strength and courage to help her child and comfort them. I personally am always tired going home after school but I’m always alone. I chose this photograph because every morning when I take the A train with my mom, I lay my head on her shoulder and take a nap till my stop comes. I never thought about her being tired or wanting to be the one taking the nap but now that I can see this hard working mother looking restless and still comforting her child, I feel bad for my mom and the fact that I never asked her if she wanted to rest her head for the ride, I just always assume she can comfort me and wake me up when I need to.

This photograph follows the Rule of Thirds tip, Dominant eye tip and maybe diagonals with the advertisements on top. Rule of thirds because the photo was mainly the pole and the hands holding on to it but toward the left side you can see the mother and the child so it rules out the main focus (the hands). Dominant eye because the woman (mother) in the photograph is looking up away from the camera giving that effect.


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  1. rmichals says:

    I think it is amazing that this photo made you think of your own mother with empathy. That is really a perfect example of the power of photography!

    This photo is a good example of the rule of thirds and it is also a good example of leading lines as the arms of the other riders point to the mother and daughter and also the pole breaks the composition in two.

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