Rene’s Job ad

As a future architect graduate, one of the most difficult times is to find a place were we can get a internship, but that is not the most difficult as we though. The most difficult is to find a job where you can do what you love. In my case y really like to redesign and create the same staff with innovation, also made renderings and everyhting related to 3D modeling.  In my area of architecture this has the name of fabrication, and this is one of the last technology that every single office is asking for, specially in US.
Most of the companies in this area are looking for student with a very high knowledge in 3D printers, scanners and CMC machines. 

T he first important point that the companies are looking for it is the education that you have in the area that you are trying to apply for. the years of experiences that you have on it and for last but no less important the portfolio or examples of a previews work that the applicant had.

One of the most common program that most of the companies as for is Rhino 5, 3DMax or Maya. These three programs help any student or even a professional to find a better job. Also in this kind of ads most of then they want that the person that apply, have some experience in the past and not only the knowledge of it.

Other important part is that the applicant must have the ability of expression, and be persuasive, for two reason; be able to work in groups , be ably to take others ideas but the most important part is that he or she must be able to  convince the customer that the product that we do is 100 percent good and we have the wright company to do the work.

Also the companies are looking for people, who can have the knowledge of other soft wares for example and one of the most important in the market because its the one that every simgle company use It is AutoCad, now int his era also they start  asking for Revit architecture, google skechues, and many others programs that they are most use for modeling in 3D

Now as i mentioned before the experience, it is a must in many cases, expecialy in teh cases of 3D printing or CMC machines, because if something go wrong with the equipment the company is losing money  and jobs, every equipment that for more tiny and unimportant that it look it is a lot of money to repair of get a new one

Other important part about this companies is that the want you to be able to work any day, with different schedules, sometime even holidays, but as i sad before if you love what you do you will never work, in my case its like playing a video game


Tony’s Job Ads

So today I did a job search on position that is relevant to my major, computer system technology. I used, and for my job research. I try to limit the location to New York City and Florida. the reason why I mention Florida is because I used to live Ocala, Florida for about 4 year and also my parents are still lives there.  At the beginning, I was hoping  to see a good amount of jobs out there for Network Administrator and IT Help Desk since I am focusing on network, web service, and network security as my module classes. Luckily, these websites returned with approximately hundred of related position. I was a bit excited about it and eager to dig more information about those jobs.

First thing I searched was Network Administrator. I looked through some of the results that really draws my attention, and I realized that there are some requirements that has been mentioned over and over. Those requirements are things like level of education you must have, minimum years of related experience must have, and level of IT certificate required, etc.  In addition, most job ads mentioned about ability to work in fast-paced environment, excellent communication skill, self-driven, task-oriented, and teamwork skill. However, I think these soft skills above  is not as important as solid technical skills that you have.

First thing to be mention is education level requirement. many employers require a minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer science or related degree. So I think this requirement is easy to meet since I am going to graduate after this semester with a BTech degree in computer science. Secondly and most importantly is job experience. I think most undergraduate students are going to struggle when going for interview because most of our knowledge and skills are gained through our school instead of work field. also because one of my friend told me that school taught us conceptual and theoretical knowledge most of the time, therefore when you trying to apply your theoretical knowledge to a really job, it might not always work. Therefore, I suggest you have to gain as much experience as possible through internship before our graduation.

Another thing that most job ads mentioned is IT certificate. some employer requires job candidate to have at least one certificate to be qualify for network administrator. For example: N+, A+, CCNA, CCNP,or MCTS, etc. These are some major professional certificates you must have in order for you to be more competitive. More over, you must also have solid knowledge and skills on company wise LAN or WAN infrastructure, switched, routers, firewall, VoIP, VPN, and servers, etc.

Finally I want to talk about my career plan after graduation. reading through my resume, I realized that network administrator is a little advance for me to handle as a fresh meat in network field. Thus, I am going for IT help desk to start off my career since this position doesn’t requirement too much of job experience and an additional professional certificate. And also it is a good way to build up my skills and experiences in order to advance my career to a higher level.

In conclusion, I think this Job research does help me get a good grasp of kinds of candidate that most employers are looking for. this will also help me  prepare myself when it comes for real time job interview.





















Job Ads

In this assignment, looked into jobs that were related to Computer Systems and through that research, I noticed that this field is not limited to just software and programming but other fields such as networking and even some desktop support fall into the same category of the search. What I observed that some of these employers were looking for from its candidates were that they have a number of years in the field. One company stated that one needed to have about 10 years experience in java, SQL among other experiences that were about the same amount of years and certifications that were also needed to be included in order to have a job which made me realize that not only are looking for experience but having certifications would be a definite added bonus when applying for a position.

Another point I payed attention to was the minimum qualification requirements which also stood out to me was that they were all asking for a bachelors degree or higher when applying for some of these positions because though I may have the experience to apply to some of these jobs, I only acquired my associates degree and the degree they require for the position also would play in big part in being put ahead of the line. Some of the skills that majority of these companies wanted was proficiencies in MS Office, Linux, Java, SQL, C++ amongst a few others that would be needed for a position. Also, communication is key so a lot of the companies were looking for candidates with great verbal and written skills as well as interpersonal and presentation skills where they can have the ability to interact with members of management and staff.

Overall, in my field of study I can say that after looking through my job ads, I do have the experience potential for one or two of these positions, especially if the position is for desktop support engineering where I found it very interesting that it would even fall under the category of Computer Systems, where I thought that computer systems only dealt with programming and java, etc. but is just as broad to see that some of my other skills like networking, proficiency with active directory can assist in my advancement for a career in Information Technology. This is my first semester at CityTech and as a transfer student that studied Computer Engineering technology at another college, some of the courses are a great help when it comes to additional skills like C++ and java and I have listened to some of my peers who are in the study of Computer System technology of my advanced technical writing class discuss what the major has to offer, it made me realize that the collaboration of my past classes and the present classes from these two colleges are the experiences that will prepare me for the Computer Systems field. And though its a good start to things, there is still much that I have to learn that can really help me qualify for a position in my career.

Job Links:,-Inc./jobs/Desktop-Support-Specialist-b93999b25a28e8c5

Calvin’s job hunt

Being a junior and focusing on IT management as one of my modules, I limited my search to jobs that are within the confines of IT support, administration, relations, database or consulting. Most of the employers require similar pre-requisites such as a couple of years of experience, a degree in the IT field, being skilled in Microsoft Office, and having excellent interpersonal qualities.

Now after browsing through an abundance of job ads in the IT field around N.Y., I’ve come to the conclusion that it is seemingly impossible to get a job right out of City Tech without some sort of external leverage or hands-on experience to even obtain an interview. Firstly, there are a slew of undesirable factors such as competition from your peers, limited positions, experience and unfavorable odds that are stacked against you when you try to apply for these positions.

Secondly, from my experience at City Tech, the programming and computer support/hardware courses that I’ve taken so far has hardly helped me at all with the internship I recently completed this summer. I would estimate that 90% of the time I would refer to Google to try and find solutions for any tasks, questions and problems that I had with my given project. Furthermore, a lot of the programming languages and critical software development tools that are popular in the industry and that I had to use, were not taught in school. Some examples of these are cURL, JSON, Python, noSQL, and GIT.

So how do we remedy some of these problems? Put yourself out there and go the extra mile to gain any sort of hands-on work/experience in the field. Any time you see or feel there is an opportunity that may lead to an internship or job, seize it. Also do research on what skills/software packages companies require and have in common. Afterwards, try to scratch the surface in the basics of these so if/when the time arises where you are required to utilize it, it won’t become foreign and new.

Reflecting back to when I applied for summer internships with only basic programming, troubleshooting skills, and limited job experience, I felt inadequate and feared that I had no chance. Furthermore, when I spoke with an IT specialist recruiter and gave her my resume, she said to me that I was at a disadvantage and didn’t have much hands-on or experience compared to the other applicants. Nonetheless, I didn’t let that stop me. I applied to every summer internship opportunity I saw and eventually got something doing web development. After completing my summer internship, I feel more confident in my ability to land a second internship or a part-time IT position.,24_IE408337.htm?jl=1177454358&paoIdKey=MA==,43_KE44,55.htm?jl=1158857570&paoIdKey=MA==,20_IE15617.htm?jl=1176319034&paoIdKey=MA==,38_IE341080.htm?jl=1107339103&paoIdKey=MA==




Reminder: HW for W 9/17

Dear Class:

Just a reminder that you should have revised (or posted, if you didn’t the first time around) your “Job Ads” post, which lays the groundwork for Assignment 1 (Career Materials), which is due by the start of class this Wednesday (9/17).

[*Please note: I decided to push the first draft of Assignment #2 back until next class, to give you more time to work on your Career Materials, so that will not be due until after our break. You do not have to do any work on that for this week’s class.]

I have provided more helpful/details and uploaded sample resumes & Cover Letters to the Assignment 1 page, so please go check out this updated material before submitting your final draft. I encourage you to continue to revise your materials as much as possible before the due date (even if you already updated your final draft to Dropbox, you can always delete it/provide a new one until Wednesday morning).

Also, just a friendly reminder that I have office hours this Tuesday (11:15am-12:15pm), so if want to discuss your revision and receive additional individualized feedback on your Career Materials, you are welcome to come see me during that time.

I hope you had a great weekend, and looking forward to seeing you in class on Wednesday!

Professor Belli

Ivan goes job hunting

Getting a job is tough. It’s tough because companies only want the best. I study 3-D modeling and animation and hope to take that up as my field. My main focus is on environmental design and modeling. My job would basically be to create and render full 3-D environments for different mediums. I aim to get as close to photo-realism as possible. I will work on doing landscape and scenery for movies, games or TV shows. For movies and games it’s pretty obvious what i would have to do. My job would be to make the backdrop look good and as realistic as possible. It is a little harder to notice this stuff in TV shows. Mostly where you see it is in recreation shows. Things on national geographic channel, History channel and animal planet are the first things that come to my mind when i think of this. I can work with architects and set up an environment where someone might want to build a building or a house. this would allow the client to get a much more accurate picture of what they can expect. For the job you need to know a lot about landscape and lighting. I need to know about how light from the sky interacts with clouds and how it will effect things on the group. I need to know about all the different types of light that can be produced. I need to learn about different parts of the world to know what kind of rocks are in that area, or what kind of mountains it has, what kind of trees grow there ..etc. this is all so that i can make the more detailed and photo-realistic environment as possible. We work with a lot of different software on windows machines mainly. 3Dstudio max, maya, vue, zbrush, c4d, blender, sketchup, to name a few. The studio standards with now are Max and Maya but depending on where you’re working Zbrush and Vue are also very popular. I have used all these programs and understand them well. What i don’t know i can easily look up on google and find. The technical part is not difficult, it is the create part that gets people. After looking through all the ads i feel as though i am prepared for the job market. I have enough knowledge for an entry level position. That is what i would apply to first and gain proper experience before moving on to a more permanent position at one of the larger companies. The ideal place would be to work at a place like Pixar or Dreamworks but those are usually not the best places to work. smaller companies that do niche work end up being better for someone in my position looking to do what i want to do. You get more projects that was and have more room to express yourself.
















Job Ad’s Search

This assignment really showed me what I needed to learn before I can go look for jobs in my field. I only searched for areas in my NYC since it makes more sense. Some of course were in Jersey which I wouldn’t find commuting to. What most of these companies want is for someone who can work with others. Most IT jobs will require you to work with your colleagues. That is one of the major things a person in my field needs to be comfortable with.  Of course they want you to be familiar with the basics as well such as getting to know Windows, Linux, etc. They also require a person to have good verbal and communication skills. Communication is key in my field otherwise everyone will fall apart. They of course want you to know basic math and to know some type of coding, Java, C++, HTML, etc. They also want a person to know SQL, and about routers, switches, etc. Some jobs also require that you have at least three years of experience.  Most companies want a bachelor’s degree but some even want a master’s. I am pursuing a job in networking, security, and database at city tech.

My personal experience is not close to what they are wanting unfortunately. I have always liked to mess around with computers, such as breaking it apart and then rebuilding it. Here in City Tech, I learned how to program with Java, and I learned about the interiors of computers. I learned basic SQL. Those include me to create directories and how to modify them such as adding information in them or deleting it. I also learned about routers and switches and how to set them up. I have not gotten an internship yet but I am planning on it this summer. Hopefully with the internship, I can feel more comfortable with going for a job search in my field after graduation. While I took my classes here in City Tech, I did a lot of group work projects which helped build my experience in working with others.  These have prepared me only partially but after a few more classes and a good internship will definitely prepare me for the long run. Still trying to finish my bachelor which is something all those companies require. Right now if I was to go out and get something, the most I will get is an internship. I am not mentally and physically prepared but in time I will be.

In conclusion, working in IT requires that you know what you’re doing because you have to help your other peers. If you can’t accomplish this then you obviously would be in trouble. We have to have good verbal and communication skills and to have basic knowledge about computers. They require us to have experience in working in the field so when we are hired, we know some knowledge of what’s going on.  I hope to land a job once I get an internship and finish college so when I leave, I leave prepared.

Job links:

Job Ads Research


During my  research I found out  that most of the jobs involves technical communication in a written form as well as hardware and software experience. This area involves various occupations such as consumer electronics, software engineering, amongst others. This career has specific characteristics like communication skills on various topics through technology and giving of instructions in spite of the nature of the tasks. Therefore, Computer Information Systems  offers diverse career opportunities to the job market. However, there are various aspects that job advertisers seek to find in a potential employee. These aspects are mainly listed in the adverts, most are similar but there are also various differences, depending on the advertiser.

A look at various advertising sites on Computer Information Systems  and  it shows the specific skills required, the kind of communication and  hardware experience, depending on type of requirements they need. One of the common requirements is at least two years’ experience in the same field. Secondly, the advertisers seek to find a full time employee with Information Technology knowledge and a Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree. Another requirement is both verbal and written communication skills. This is because the employee is required to communicate with the end –users. Finally, the most dominant requirement on software literacy are windows OS, MS office, HD and other applications. Therefore, an applicant must  have some experience on the area.

From observation, I am well prepared for the job market. This is because I meet almost all the requirements. Additionally, I am conversant with most digital software in the modern market. I also have a pretty good communication skills and I like to solve technical problems. Moreover, I have worked as an intern in the same field as an assistant network administrator where I evaluated some of the network systems of the company and their applicability also I have worked troubleshooting with PC or Laptop as well as software (Windows 7,8,OS ,Linux)  . On the other hand, education at City Tech is based on the needs of the current market. Thus, students acquire useable knowledge which makes it less challenging to adapt into the job market. As a result, I am well cut out for the job market.

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Job Ads

For this assignment, I limited my search to the NYC area and obviously only looked for jobs in my desired area of work, that is, Technology. When I began my Computer Systems Technology here at City Tech, I knew that I was entering an extremely broad field which would lay a proper foundation for whichever area of Technology I later decide to narrow down and focus on. I’m now in my third year so I’ve now reached that stage. My three modules of study are Database, Networking and Security therefore I looked for jobs involving these.

The first thing I noticed most of these job ads had in common was that they all wanted some form of experience. As an imminent graduate fresh out of school this would be very frustrating. How are we supposed to gain experience when we wont be hired unless we have the necessary experience in the first place? I believe the answer here lies in doing internships while at school. By doing this you not only beef up your resume, but you expand your network while also seeing how it’s like working in a real working environment. This then allows for a smooth transition from school to work when the time does arrive. Another thing that was prevalent in most of these ads was that the minimum level of education required was a Bachelors degree. My ideal situation would have been to finish school by 20 and start making money, get my own apartment and upgrade on life. Thankfully, I know better and I’m close to completing my Bachelors. The thing is almost everyone are now doing this so the competition is extremely high. In order to stand out one has to continue on to getting their masters, a decision I’m still mulling over. Some jobs did have masters as a requirement by the way. Another thing that caught my attention was that for most networking jobs they require Cisco certification, CCNA expertise or the equivalent to these. City Tech does not provide these however so I would have to go the extra mile to attain such jobs. Security and Database seem to be easier to get into however as students are exposed to most of the requirements during the 4 years at school.

As far as the personal qualities they look for in potential employees, they all look for the same cliché things more or less: highly motivated, strong attitude, team player etc. As I pointed out earlier, most people competing for the same position usually have similar qualifications so I suppose if both persons are even in terms of such qualifications, the person with the more positive attitude will get the job opposed to someone who is anti social or gives a lazy vibe. Excellent public speaking, written, verbal, interpretive and interpersonal skills was also emphasized in certain jobs and I suppose this is where this class comes in handy.

One thing I was really excited about while searching through all these ads was the pay rate. For a database admin in particular the pay varies from $50-$60 an hour. Even entry level positions are relatively well paid. As in Information Security Consultant which only requires a bachelors degree, the pay is 90k-125k a year. Some ads didn’t post what the pay would be for that specific job but with a little research of my own I learned that the pay is also good.

In conclusion, by doing this assignment I’ve learned that employers are very demanding when it comes to what they want from an employee but this no problem as most Computer System Technology jobs are well compensated. I still feel very prepared for work after graduating as the knowledge I’ve gained in school and the experience I’ve gained through various internships will go a long way in helping me achieve my career goals. I know for a fact that most of the learning is on the job itself anyhow. For instance I did a web development course in 2013 Spring semester and the following summer I did an in internship developing a website for a local start up and I learned way more during this 8 week internship than I did in the class-room setting. This leads me to my final point; very few jobs mentioned on the job training but I guess this will come naturally. There are an abundance of jobs available city wide as compared to other fields where people are finding it hard to find work so I look forward to starting soon. Below is just a handful of the links viewed while writing this.—new-york/2014/08/27/it-security-analyst—incident-management-access-control-manhattan


Enrique’s Job Ads

There are many important skills that employers are looking for however, there were two very important skills that every job ab stated the first was that they are looking for someone who has the ability to work as part of a team. The second important skill was they are looking for someone who has great verbal and written communication skills.   Not only are these employers looking for someone who has great communication skills, the employers are also looking for engineers with specific skills. Some of the skills that employers are looking are; fluency with standard electronics test equipment including DDM (digital multimeter) & Oscilloscope, advanced PCB level soldering skills, fluency with standard engineering documentation, such as schematics and assembly drawings, ability to identify standard electronic components, knowledge of and ability to practice good electrical safety practices. The last skill many of these employers are looking for someone to have is familiarity with embedded C and C++ programming.


However, along with the skill set that employers are looking for they are also want to hire engineers that have some sort of experience, the experience varies from one year of experience through anywhere between three or five years of experience. Along with being experience employers are looking for someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Many employers are also looking for engineering that a valid driver’s license to be able to get to different work sites. I noticed that many employers are looking for an engineer who has knowledge of National Electrical Code and industry standards such as OSHA and NFPA.


Many of the skills that employers are looking for I believe I have. Some of these skills I obtained from my time at City Tech such as lab reports and class projects. Not only did I obtain some of these skills from school but also from working at my day job were I’m required to work with my stock team that I manage. Even though I do have the skill set that employers are looking for what I lack in experience in the field. Not only do I lack the experience employers are looking for someone who has their bachelor’s degree. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree and I have about a year and a half until I receive my bachelor’s degree.


My time here I believed has definitely prepared me more that I would have thought. In the electrical engineer and technology department the professor are definitely doing a great job in teaching us and training us on how to use many of the new programs that employers want the engineer to have. Not only do the professor teach us how to use the new programs they also assign us into group to work on labs both hardware and software which would really help out in the field. Working in groups helps you develop good people skills and how to work well with other which is exactly what employers are looking for. With the skills that I myself have and the skills that I have obtained from my time at City Tech the best thing for me right now is to look for a position either as an intern or as an electrical engineer helper. Either one of these position will be perfect just because I can gain the experience that employers are looking for.

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