Class notes 12/17 Final Day

Today was the final day of class. We spent the class doing presentations.

Group order
1) Board Game Group
2) Video Game Group
3) Student Success Group
4) App Group
5) CIA Group

1) The board game is designed for children to get their interest in electrical engineering
They developed and passed the game around
Played a video
lack of electrical engineers and potential effect that would have is their rational
2 manuals, the game and question/fun fact cards are their deliverables

2) The video game group creating game and manual
first person horror game, set in the mid 19th century
research done into architecture and game mechanics
The game will involve stealth, light puzzle solving, encounters with dangerous creatures with no combat system, as well as exploration
the goal was to provide entertainment for the audience and challenge them

3)Student success group was not satisfied with graduation rate and transfer rate
created a survey to figure out the problem
create a series of strategic questions that will ultimately show some sort of correlation that will assess these areas.
as ethnicity, income, age, possible dependents, family matters, and  5 point scale questions that will ask about the satisfaction of education, facilities, and school services such as job placement help, tutoring, etc
each question will also give the survey taker a chance to comment about the survey
got results after the survey mostly expected results

4) APP group
not happy with city tech website
everything is hard to get to
app combines the information of the website with the ease of using an app
do a survey to see what students want most in an app
has an agreement to sign to protect themselves
will run only on iOS
aimed towards new and current students

5) CIA group
goal is to educate people about the city tech technology club (promotion and support of the City Tech computer club.)
the most students who join the club the more students and club will benefit
the club is for all majors but only some CST know about it
created a survey and and memo