All about Ivan

Hello everyone, I am Ivan. What can i say about myself? This is my senior and (I hope) year in CityTech. I transferred here from Lehman college in the Bronx, mainly because it was too far and out of my way. I have been here for a number of years already and overall my experience in this school is positive. I met a lot of great people and had many good professors and hopefully the few i have left to meet will be just as good as the ones i have met already.

My background is in computer programming and engineer. I am from the city and have been there most of my life. I have lived in Brooklyn in the past but Manhattan seems to resonate with me a lot better. 3D modeling and animation is my passion. It is what i did for most of my life. When i got into college after my first year i transferred colleges and decided it was time for change. I got into 3D modeling and animation and i have not looked back since. It is very different from but also very similar to what i did in the past. Overall i like it better and it’s a lot more exciting. 3D modeling is not an easy thing to master or get into so it tends to suck up a lot of my time, but it’s well worth it.

I like to sleep, eat, walk around, the usual stuff. I do not watch a lot of TV, but from time to time i watch some tv shows on my computer. I walk to school because it seems like a lot more fun than riding the train and it is probably the only exercise I get throughout the day. I also like to walk up the stairs (even all the way to the 11th floor) because I am very impatient and hate waiting for the elevators. I tend read a lot but don’t write very often. Sometimes i read too much and stay up a lot later than i should. This usually ends up with me waking up feeling groggy in the morning and too tired to do anything, but it’s well worth it. I enjoy language, learning about it and using it and hope this class will help me improve my writing.

I hope to take away a lot from this class. I am not looking to become some New York Times best selling author, but if i need to do some serious writing i hope to be able to. I want to take away from this course as much as i can. I want to better understand technical writing even though i honestly think i won’t need to use it at all in the career paths i have planned for myself. You can never have too many skills though.

I am looking forward to this semester and can’t wait to see all the new things i can learn!

Introduction(My apologises for the late response)

Hello all, my name is Lian Williams. I born and raised in the West Indies of Trinidad and Tobago for a big part of my life and moved to America in 2002 where I know reside in Brooklyn. In terms of education, I attended Brooklyn Job Corps, where I acquired my GED and certification in culinary arts. I worked in the field for a while and decided I wanted to pursue something else and as I looked back on it, remembering seeing the commercials of Devry Institute of Technology on television, on computer technology, I decided that this school was for me since I was interested in computers altogether. At Devry, I received my Associates degree in Electronics and Computer technology, worked there as well as a part time worker in the IT department, then returned to study my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering technology where I completed certain amount of credits till I had to stop because of financial reasons. After I left Devry, I worked at BestBuy for a while in the computer sales department and then got a really good job working full time in an IT department at Sanford Brown Institute, then later switched to part time. Now, I attend CityTech where I’m studying Computer Systems Technology. For the things that I like is soccer(or football known to others), swimming and having fun with friends. I’m really cool once you get to know me and a few aspirations are to live comfortable within my means, have a career in computer programming and have fun overall. What I intend to learn from this course is to be able to use the right words when sending emails or professional letters.

Late post

Hi everyone, my name is Reynard.  I enjoy traveling and playing sports.  I basically traveled around the world but the only places I haven’t seen yet are India, China and Japan. My favorite sport is basketball, and soccer.  My career goals is to graduate with my bachelors degree in computer information systems and eventually get a job with google.  My experience in city tech is a great one the professors are great and the students are easy to get along with. I kind of didn’t have a summer break this year I worked through the whole summer except for my birthday, where I went to South Carolina with my family.

My strengthens as a writer is that when I like a topic I would really get a lot of information on the topic to have as much details as possible for the reader.  A weakness I have as a writer is if the topic is boring I begin to start writing run on sentences because I’m trying to find things to say but instead of doing so I end up rewriting what I said already.  My dislikes about writing is it begins to bore me after awhile but I like writing about interesting topics like technology or wars.  I don’t really have a background in technology but I do set up wifi, routers, computers, laptops, tablets and phones.  My opinion on technical writing is dealing with the business world and writing emails and letters.  I hope to learn from this class how to create a business letter or even become a very good writer.

Getting to know Chris

Hey everyone, excuse the late post.

I’ve been reading through a few of the previous posts and it’s cool how everyone got their own unique background and the diversity in our class makes for an interesting read. Let me start by sharing a few basic things about myself. My full name is Christopher Roberts , but everyone calls me Chris (except for my mom). I was born in the Caribbean island of Grenada and Brooklyn has been my home for the last 5 years or so. I’m easy going, calm, sometimes quiet, funny and appreciate good humor. I believe life is too short to be uptight and serious all the time. Also, I pride myself on being loyal to my close friends and family. My hobbies include playing and watching soccer, music, trying new food and travelling to new places. If I’m not doing any of those things then chances are I’m playing around on my laptop. I’ve always had an interest in computers and how they work therefore when the time came to choose a major, Computer Systems Technology was the easy choice.

I’m a junior here at City Tech and I must say my experience thus far has been a positive one. I’ve met a lot of smart people, made a couple friends and most importantly I have gone some way in developing the necessary skills for work when I graduate. This is evidenced by 2 successful internships I’ve had since entering school. I’m going to be 21 in November and I’m really looking forward to the challenges that come with being older; the challenge of finding a job and excelling at it that is. I feel confident and prepared  in doing so though.

As it relates to writing in particular, I think that I’m pretty decent, however,  there is always room for improvement and that’s what I seek to do in this class. My strengths include properly expressing myself and using good vocabulary. I’ve been told I can be a little redundant at times so that might be a weakness. The thing I enjoy most about writing is that each person has their own style. One could write about the exact same topic as someone else and paint a much more beautiful picture. I especially like the use of metaphors, personifications etc and I believe they make the writing more powerful. There are many other things which enhance writing and I wish to learn them this semester so I can implement them in the future.

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Rene Alcon, I am from Bolivia-South America.i move to NYC couple years ago. Something personal I lived all my life inside of a military base in different parts of the world, the last experience was in Congo –Africa, with the U.N. soldiers

67197_441825366429_2724738_n. 1936435_117759860745_888990_n

One of the biggest passions I had was to travel all over the world and I did for many years, learn many cultures and have the opportunity to meet and work with different people. After many adventures I decided to study architecture in one of the most extraordinary city. NYC help me to grow as a person and have a motivations for my future.

At the present time I work in an Italian restaurant, in order to pay my study expenses, but the best thing from this job is that I have the opportunity to meet with very important people, as ex-president Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and many others, travel all over US. And also the opportunity to keep studding Architecture.

In the future I would like to have my own architecture company, and focus more in 3D printer and fabrication. i think that could be possible in the long run but for now i would like to start working in my industry as a interior design in the area of 3d modeling and animation


About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Samson. Sorry about my late post. As you all know, I am currently attending City Tech. This will probably be the my last semester for a bachelor, that is if, I can get an internship. I hope its not too late. A little about my interest, I enjoy playing games, meet nice people, and watch movies/shows. Over the summer, i went to China for about two months. In China, it was really hot, but enjoyable, because I met some really nice people. For this semester, i plan to get an internship. If i can’t, i will try to get it for this winter and graduate.

My strength is willingness to learn from my mistakes. So hopefully, i will be able to improve my writing through other people correcting me. My weakness would be procrastination. Which is my biggest weakness. I don’t enjoy writing because when i write, i always think of reports and homework. Unfortunately, i think this course will have a lot of writing and homework.

Samson G.

Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone, my name is Goutam Seepersaud and I attend the New York City College of Technology. My major is CST and i focus in network Security, database and java programing. My main focus is database.

I am currently an intern at dubest media thefuture fm. My job include uploading and editing music track for dj to use. I also check the dj mix scan for copy right and that royalties is paid to musician who maid the music. In some case i will have to create a website for a dj to get their music out.

My hobbies include reading anime books sometimes watching anime television show. I also like reading article about computer, phone, tables and video game. i sometime play video game in my spear time.I also love science fiction and one of my favorite science fiction is star trek. I also like stand up comedy and going to comedy club. Some of my favorite comedian are Chris Rock,  Russell Peters and other. In my spear time i like to go bike riding and hiking in the park. In the summer time I like to travel around the country. As you can tell I am a tech guy. After graduating I would like to get a job as a database administrator

Last but not least! My introduction.

Let’s see here. Name is Ogulcan but its pronounced OlJohn. Or just call me John to make life easier. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and that is where my originates from. Our alphabet is different than here so that’s why my name looks more scary. I’m currently majoring in Computer Systems like most of the others. This is my junior year and I’m hoping to graduate in the next year to come! I’m trying to pursue a career in IT networking, security, and database field. I always loved computers and it’s the future of life so why not have a job in it?

My hobbies include traveling the world, soccer, videos games once in a while when I have my free time, swimming, walking. Basically what any other human being loves. I also love cooking! Maybe in the future, I would love to pursue a second career in culinary and maybe be the next Gordon Ramsay!

Hmmmm I think that is it for now! I’m sure more secrets will be revealed throughout the semester! Hope to learn a lot in this course and I’m sure that without a doubt I will!

Thank you,



Enrique Who?!

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono  I’m currently attending New York City College of Technology City University of New York. I am working on my bachelors in  Electrical Engineering and Technology. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to purse a masters degree but if the opportunity comes along I will. While I am a full time student I am also the stock manager at Aldo Shoes.

When the spring semester had finished my friends and family and I had tons of plans of how we thought our summer was going to be; weddings, birthday parties, pool parties and lots and lots of tanning. However, as we all know and have experienced things in life just don’t as planned. So during this summer I mostly worked and barely had any fun until memorial day weekend when we started it off by going to electric zoo then ended it by going to a family tipico party. What I plan on doing this semester is studying really hard to boost up my grade point average and i also plan on looking for an internship or a job in my field. 

Since I barely have any picture of myself on my MacBook I posted a picture of my fixed gear bicycle which I named Roxanne and who turned 2 on August 2nd.  I ride my bike to work everyday and i sometimes I ride to school but i get really really paranoid when i ride to school because I always think someone is going to steal her.



My strength as a writer is that I believe I always have really good topics to write about. My weakness as a writer is that I don’t do much of it to really gain experience that is is needed. My background with technology is really good especially since that we live in the 21st century technology is all around us. In class my group and I had said that technical writing is basically dumbing it down for people who don’t know too much about technology. What i hope to learn from this class is how to exactly do the dumbing down.

Calvin’s introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Calvin Lo. I am currently majoring in CST and this would be my junior year. Some of my hobbies and interests are browsing reddit, reading up on technology websites such as TechCrunch, Ars Technica and Engadget.  After my summer internship working at a small company doing web development, I realized that perhaps programming and the software development module isn’t the career path that is right for me. My career goals is to either start my own business or become an IT consultant.

During this semester, I hope to land an internship with NYC HRA doing networking and servicing other HRA departments in the other boroughs.

One of my weaknesses in writing is understanding and knowing when to use which literary tense. I remember in ENG 1121 that I would constantly have trouble with the assignments because I would use the wrong tense when writing an essay. It was incredibly discouraging to get points deducted from my essays because of these issues I had with literary tenses.