Individual Final Project Reflections

For the Final Project you will receive:

  • a collaborative grade for the final draft of the write-up (30%) and the presentation (10%) (worth 40% of your overall course grade)
  • an individual grade for the individual final reflection (worth 10% of your overall course grade).

This individual reflection should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced (addressed to me, as in “Dear Professor Belli” … no formal headings/letter formatting necessary), reflecting on what you learned during the extended process of developing/researching/writing/revising the collaborative Final Project.

Just like you have done for each assignment so far, you will reflect on your experiences of working on the Final Project (from start to finish, including the Proposal/Annotated Bibliography, building, drafting, revising, peer review, Agenda/Minutes/Progress Reports, meetings with me, drafting/revising the Write-Up, creating the Presentation, etc.). What did you learn from this project/process? What did you struggle with? What went well? How did you develop as a writer/thinker? Etc.

Each group member will write and submit his/her reflection individual, which will only be seen by me (not the other members of the group or the class). Therefore, it should be a honest reflection about the successes (or lack thereof) of collaboration and the group project. What roles did each person in your group play in the collaboration, and what tasks did they complete? If you feel as if the balance/division of work was not equally shared (for example, if one, or two, members did most of the work), you should discuss that. You should spend time discussing your role/contribution to the project, and you should tell me what grade (including yourself) you think each person should get for the project and why.

Your Individual Final Project Reflection will be graded on the completeness, thoughtfulness, and quality of your reflection, and your ability to critically discuss your experiences collaborating, researching and writing/revising.

*This final project individual reflection (like the collaborative Final Project Write-Up and Presentation) is due no later than the start of our last class, W 12/18 at 2:30pm. You should submit:

  • an electronic copy to me via e-mail (do not put it in Dropbox, as everyone in the class will have access to it then and it will not be a private reflection that way)
  • one printed copy to me in class