Collaborative Final Project

Final Project Groups
Project Proposals & Annotated Bibliographies
Final Project Presentations
Final Project Write-Up
Individual Final Project Reflections

This Collaborative Final Project is worth 50% of your entire course grade.

  • 40% of this project is collaborative (everyone in your group will receive the same grade: 30% for Write-Up, 10% for Presentation)
  • 10% if it is individual (based on your Individual Final Project Reflection)

Due Dates

  • Tu 11/4: Initial Proposals due for Final Collaborative Project.
  • Tu 11/11: Revised Proposal, 6 source annotated bibliography due +  Minutes/Progress Report
  • Tu 11/18: All materials in class for “lab” day, peer review, usability testing (and in-class group conferences with Professor Belli) + Agenda/Minutes/Progress Report
  • Tu 11/25: In-Progress Presentations + Agenda/Minutes/Progress Report
  • W 12/3: “Deliverables” + In-Class Work & Conferences
  • W 12/10: peer review of Final Project Write-UP
    • Final Project Write-Up First Draft due Th 12/9 by 11:59pm (Dropbox + six printed copies)
    • Mandatory Conferences with Professor Belli outside of class on Tu 12/9, W 12/10, or Th 12/11 (if coming Tu 12/9, I must have a printed copy of your Final Report dropped off in my mailbox, N512 by M 12/8 at 5pm)
  • W 12/17: In-Class Presentations (Dropbox)
    • Final Project Write-Up (Dropbox + portfolio folder)
    • Individual Final Project Reflections (e-mail file to me + printed copy to class)