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In this assignment, looked into jobs that were related to Computer Systems and through that research, I noticed that this field is not limited to just software and programming but other fields such as networking and even some desktop support fall into the same category of the search. What I observed that some of these employers were looking for from its candidates were that they have a number of years in the field. One company stated that one needed to have about 10 years experience in java, SQL among other experiences that were about the same amount of years and certifications that were also needed to be included in order to have a job which made me realize that not only are looking for experience but having certifications would be a definite added bonus when applying for a position.

Another point I payed attention to was the minimum qualification requirements which also stood out to me was that they were all asking for a bachelors degree or higher when applying for some of these positions because though I may have the experience to apply to some of these jobs, I only acquired my associates degree and the degree they require for the position also would play in big part in being put ahead of the line. Some of the skills that majority of these companies wanted was proficiencies in MS Office, Linux, Java, SQL, C++ amongst a few others that would be needed for a position. Also, communication is key so a lot of the companies were looking for candidates with great verbal and written skills as well as interpersonal and presentation skills where they can have the ability to interact with members of management and staff.

Overall, in my field of study I can say that after looking through my job ads, I do have the experience potential for one or two of these positions, especially if the position is for desktop support engineering where I found it very interesting that it would even fall under the category of Computer Systems, where I thought that computer systems only dealt with programming and java, etc. but is just as broad to see that some of my other skills like networking, proficiency with active directory can assist in my advancement for a career in Information Technology. This is my first semester at CityTech and as a transfer student that studied Computer Engineering technology at another college, some of the courses are a great help when it comes to additional skills like C++ and java and I have listened to some of my peers who are in the study of Computer System technology of my advanced technical writing class discuss what the major has to offer, it made me realize that the collaboration of my past classes and the present classes from these two colleges are the experiences that will prepare me for the Computer Systems field. And though its a good start to things, there is still much that I have to learn that can really help me qualify for a position in my career.

Job Links:,-Inc./jobs/Desktop-Support-Specialist-b93999b25a28e8c5