Reminder: HW for W 9/17

Dear Class:

Just a reminder that you should have revised (or posted, if you didn’t the first time around) your “Job Ads” post, which lays the groundwork for Assignment 1 (Career Materials), which is due by the start of class this Wednesday (9/17).

[*Please note: I decided to push the first draft of Assignment #2 back until next class, to give you more time to work on your Career Materials, so that will not be due until after our break. You do not have to do any work on that for this week’s class.]

I have provided more helpful/details and uploaded sample resumes & Cover Letters to the Assignment 1 page, so please go check out this updated material before submitting your final draft. I encourage you to continue to revise your materials as much as possible before the due date (even if you already updated your final draft to Dropbox, you can always delete it/provide a new one until Wednesday morning).

Also, just a friendly reminder that I have office hours this Tuesday (11:15am-12:15pm), so if want to discuss your revision and receive additional individualized feedback on your Career Materials, you are welcome to come see me during that time.

I hope you had a great weekend, and looking forward to seeing you in class on Wednesday!

Professor Belli