Ivan goes job hunting

Getting a job is tough. It’s tough because companies only want the best. I study 3-D modeling and animation and hope to take that up as my field. My main focus is on environmental design and modeling. My job would basically be to create and render full 3-D environments for different mediums. I aim to get as close to photo-realism as possible. I will work on doing landscape and scenery for movies, games or TV shows. For movies and games it’s pretty obvious what i would have to do. My job would be to make the backdrop look good and as realistic as possible. It is a little harder to notice this stuff in TV shows. Mostly where you see it is in recreation shows. Things on national geographic channel, History channel and animal planet are the first things that come to my mind when i think of this. I can work with architects and set up an environment where someone might want to build a building or a house. this would allow the client to get a much more accurate picture of what they can expect. For the job you need to know a lot about landscape and lighting. I need to know about how light from the sky interacts with clouds and how it will effect things on the group. I need to know about all the different types of light that can be produced. I need to learn about different parts of the world to know what kind of rocks are in that area, or what kind of mountains it has, what kind of trees grow there ..etc. this is all so that i can make the more detailed and photo-realistic environment as possible. We work with a lot of different software on windows machines mainly. 3Dstudio max, maya, vue, zbrush, c4d, blender, sketchup, to name a few. The studio standards with now are Max and Maya but depending on where you’re working Zbrush and Vue are also very popular. I have used all these programs and understand them well. What i don’t know i can easily look up on google and find. The technical part is not difficult, it is the create part that gets people. After looking through all the ads i feel as though i am prepared for the job market. I have enough knowledge for an entry level position. That is what i would apply to first and gain proper experience before moving on to a more permanent position at one of the larger companies. The ideal place would be to work at a place like Pixar or Dreamworks but those are usually not the best places to work. smaller companies that do niche work end up being better for someone in my position looking to do what i want to do. You get more projects that was and have more room to express yourself.