Job Ads

For this assignment, I limited my search to the¬†NYC area and obviously only looked for jobs in my desired area of work, that is, Technology. When I began my Computer Systems Technology here at City¬†Tech,¬†I knew that¬†I was entering¬†an extremely¬†broad field which would lay a proper foundation for whichever area of Technology I later decide to narrow down and focus on. I’m now in my third year so I’ve now reached that stage. My three¬†modules of study are Database, Networking and Security therefore I looked for jobs involving these.

The first thing I noticed most of these job ads had in common was that they all wanted some form of experience. As an¬†imminent graduate fresh out of school this would be very frustrating. How are we supposed to gain experience when we wont be hired unless we have the necessary experience in the first place? I believe the answer here lies in doing internships while at school. By doing this you not only beef up your resume, but you expand your network while also seeing how it’s like working in a¬†real working environment. This then allows for a smooth transition from school to work when the time does arrive. Another thing that was prevalent in most of these ads was that the minimum level of education¬†required was a Bachelors degree. My ideal situation would have been to finish school by 20 and start making money, get my own apartment and¬†upgrade on¬†life. Thankfully, I know better and I’m close to completing my Bachelors. The thing is almost everyone are now doing this so the competition is extremely high. In order to stand out one has to continue on to getting their masters, a decision I’m still mulling over. Some jobs did have masters as a requirement by the way. Another thing that caught my attention was that for most networking jobs they require Cisco certification, CCNA expertise or the equivalent to these. City Tech does not provide these however so I would have to go the extra mile to attain such jobs. Security and Database seem to be easier to get into however as students are exposed to most of the¬†requirements during the 4 years at school.

As far as the personal qualities they look for in potential employees, they all look for the same cliché things more or less: highly motivated, strong attitude, team player etc. As I pointed out earlier, most people competing for the same position usually have similar qualifications so I suppose if both persons are even in terms of such qualifications, the person with the more positive attitude will get the job opposed to someone who is anti social or gives a lazy vibe. Excellent public speaking, written, verbal, interpretive and interpersonal skills was also emphasized in certain jobs and I suppose this is where this class comes in handy.

One thing I was really excited about while searching through all these ads was the pay rate. For a database admin in particular the pay varies from $50-$60 an hour. Even entry level positions are relatively well paid. As in Information Security Consultant which only requires a bachelors degree,¬†the pay is 90k-125k a year. Some ads didn’t post what the pay would be for that specific job but with a little research of my own I learned that the pay is also good.

In conclusion, by doing this assignment I’ve learned that employers are very demanding when it comes to what they want from an employee but this no problem as most Computer System Technology jobs are well compensated. I still feel very prepared for work after graduating as the knowledge I’ve gained in school and the experience I’ve gained through various internships will go a long way in helping me achieve my career goals. I know for a fact that most of the learning is on the job itself anyhow. For instance I did a web development course in 2013 Spring semester and the following summer I did an in internship¬†developing a website for a¬†local¬†start up and I learned way more during this 8 week internship than I did in the class-room setting. This leads me to my final point; very few jobs mentioned on the job training but I guess this¬†will come¬†naturally. There are an abundance of jobs available city wide as compared to other fields where people are finding it hard to find work so I look forward to starting soon. Below is just a handful of the links viewed while writing this.—new-york/2014/08/27/it-security-analyst—incident-management-access-control-manhattan