Calvin, Ogulcan and Rosa Progress Report #1

This week, we had plethora of synchronous and asynchronous communication that discussed about the direction of our project. To start off, after our meeting with Professor Belli, we were disgruntled about the situation with our final project. We didn’t know if we wanted to start from scratch with a new topic or continue with our existing one.

After emailing Professor Belli and getting her feedback, we decided to go with our existing project but take it in a different direction. We went through a total of 5 Skype conversations lasting 2 hours, 1 hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour respectively. We also texted each other throughout the week to keep in touch when to have Skype conversations and the schedules of all the group members.

Once we figured out the direction that we wanted to take our project in, we delegated which items each person had to do research on. The items that were assigned to each person were: Rosa will do research on transfer rate, Ogulcan will do research on graduation rate and Calvin will do research on similar educational surveys and determine which questions are asked and could be relevant to the project.