Enrique’s Job Ads

There are many important skills that employers are looking for however, there were two very important skills that every job ab stated the first was that they are looking for someone who has the ability to work as part of a team. The second important skill was they are looking for someone who has great verbal and written communication skills.   Not only are these employers looking for someone who has great communication skills, the employers are also looking for engineers with specific skills. Some of the skills that employers are looking are; fluency with standard electronics test equipment including DDM (digital multimeter) & Oscilloscope, advanced PCB level soldering skills, fluency with standard engineering documentation, such as schematics and assembly drawings, ability to identify standard electronic components, knowledge of and ability to practice good electrical safety practices. The last skill many of these employers are looking for someone to have is familiarity with embedded C and C++ programming.


However, along with the skill set that employers are looking for they are also want to hire engineers that have some sort of experience, the experience varies from one year of experience through anywhere between three or five years of experience. Along with being experience employers are looking for someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Many employers are also looking for engineering that a valid driver’s license to be able to get to different work sites. I noticed that many employers are looking for an engineer who has knowledge of National Electrical Code and industry standards such as OSHA and NFPA.


Many of the skills that employers are looking for I believe I have. Some of these skills I obtained from my time at City Tech such as lab reports and class projects. Not only did I obtain some of these skills from school but also from working at my day job were I’m required to work with my stock team that I manage. Even though I do have the skill set that employers are looking for what I lack in experience in the field. Not only do I lack the experience employers are looking for someone who has their bachelor’s degree. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree and I have about a year and a half until I receive my bachelor’s degree.


My time here I believed has definitely prepared me more that I would have thought. In the electrical engineer and technology department the professor are definitely doing a great job in teaching us and training us on how to use many of the new programs that employers want the engineer to have. Not only do the professor teach us how to use the new programs they also assign us into group to work on labs both hardware and software which would really help out in the field. Working in groups helps you develop good people skills and how to work well with other which is exactly what employers are looking for. With the skills that I myself have and the skills that I have obtained from my time at City Tech the best thing for me right now is to look for a position either as an intern or as an electrical engineer helper. Either one of these position will be perfect just because I can gain the experience that employers are looking for.

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