Tony’s Job Ads

So today I did a job search on position that is relevant to my major, computer system technology. I used, and for my job research. I try to limit the location to New York City and Florida. the reason why I mention Florida is because I used to live Ocala, Florida for about 4 year and also my parents are still lives there.  At the beginning, I was hoping  to see a good amount of jobs out there for Network Administrator and IT Help Desk since I am focusing on network, web service, and network security as my module classes. Luckily, these websites returned with approximately hundred of related position. I was a bit excited about it and eager to dig more information about those jobs.

First thing I searched was Network Administrator. I looked through some of the results that really draws my attention, and I realized that there are some requirements that has been mentioned over and over. Those requirements are things like level of education you must have, minimum years of related experience must have, and level of IT certificate required, etc.  In addition, most job ads mentioned about ability to work in fast-paced environment, excellent communication skill, self-driven, task-oriented, and teamwork skill. However, I think these soft skills above  is not as important as solid technical skills that you have.

First thing to be mention is education level requirement. many employers require a minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer science or related degree. So I think this requirement is easy to meet since I am going to graduate after this semester with a BTech degree in computer science. Secondly and most importantly is job experience. I think most undergraduate students are going to struggle when going for interview because most of our knowledge and skills are gained through our school instead of work field. also because one of my friend told me that school taught us conceptual and theoretical knowledge most of the time, therefore when you trying to apply your theoretical knowledge to a really job, it might not always work. Therefore, I suggest you have to gain as much experience as possible through internship before our graduation.

Another thing that most job ads mentioned is IT certificate. some employer requires job candidate to have at least one certificate to be qualify for network administrator. For example: N+, A+, CCNA, CCNP,or MCTS, etc. These are some major professional certificates you must have in order for you to be more competitive. More over, you must also have solid knowledge and skills on company wise LAN or WAN infrastructure, switched, routers, firewall, VoIP, VPN, and servers, etc.

Finally I want to talk about my career plan after graduation. reading through my resume, I realized that network administrator is a little advance for me to handle as a fresh meat in network field. Thus, I am going for IT help desk to start off my career since this position doesn’t requirement too much of job experience and an additional professional certificate. And also it is a good way to build up my skills and experiences in order to advance my career to a higher level.

In conclusion, I think this Job research does help me get a good grasp of kinds of candidate that most employers are looking for. this will also help me  prepare myself when it comes for real time job interview.