Class notes (11/05) Rene

Class notes (11/05)

  • The class was devoted to presentation of final projects and the development of them
  • Prof Jill Belli office is located in N-520 with office hours on Wednesday after class, also student can email her in order to go over the projects

In class

  • Read and comments in the different final projects.
  • Get to know all the pros and cons of all the projects.
    • Perspective of the project (self-ideas)
    • Set and plan (explanation)
    • Information(description)
    • Facts /research (background information)
    • Explain (why of the project- relevant and rational)

On the board

  1. What is the project?

The definition, limits focus projects

  1. Rational / stakeholder
  2. How it will be done
  3. General (comments )


Back to the reading

The pros and cons of working in groups

The skill

The emotion

The invest of the time

The collaboration with others

The agreements and the progress that could be dome more quickie.



  • Go over the final projects and answer the questions
  • Work plan(schedule )
  • Work in the bibliography
  • Progress in the project(more development)

Professor gives midterm grades and evaluation back

summary “The Flight from Conversation”

“The Flight from Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle, published in April 21 of 2012. This article demonstrate how technology influenced in everyday life. People with the technology in his hand have a very drastic change in their daily routine. The devices as cellphones, tables and others made it so easy to be connected with others, but at the same time this made a disconnection between each other. The article have examples of how people interactions changed in the last couple of years, how people  are not able to have a simple chat with a friend or colleague without using their electronic devices.


“Alone together” a simple idea is taking place all over the article. People without notice they been isolated in their own world,  they think they are in the same place but they are not, they feel the power of be what and where they want but at the same time they don’t notice that they just been one more of the thousands of slaves from technology.


Sherry Turkle thinks that everyday the population is loosing the freedon of be a unique individual with the capacity of having a conversation with others apart from an electronic device. She believes that technology should be use in other areas and not much in the individual life style,  been able to put a device a side should be easy, in order to be part of those moments that wouldn’t came back anymore, be able to have a chat between a boss and a worker , friend to friend or even between family members.


Owner’s Manual Evaluation

I’ve decided to evaluate the manual for the IPad. Personally I don’t use any apple products not because I can get it, just because it doesn’t meet my daily needs. Because the IPad is something that is internationally want it the manual is written in many languages, so that is a good start.

This manual is divide in 25 chapters, and every one of them its very well explain it. The first three chapters are the most basic intrusions, and also show all the accessories that come with it. Also it show that location of the each button and switch, the use of them. But for anybody that is new with this product is very easy to follow the instruction because it is explain graphically too. The rest of the twenty two chapters also help to set and use the iPad in the easiest way that the new user can set up the new equipment very fast.

In general I like this manual because first it is in the language that I can speak so I don’t really waste too much time reading it. Also the use of graphics is very helpful, in many cases because you can get confuse in the step by step that they manual say. Although the language that is use in the manual is easy to understand. Use of color is it something very important to because is t not everything in black and white so it help the vision to get more attention in how to set up the IPad.

The example that they show in the manual also it’s very important, also the most common mistakes are list there so this help to prevent the wrong connectivity ot set up of the new equipment. As most all the manual it also displace the damage and warranty that the product have in case of accident.

Overall the manual it is very well designed. It is easy to find the manual in the many languages that you want, the language is very easy to understand and the step by step explanation is very easy to follow and with the use of the graphic and different colors it made the manual more efficient that other that are in black and white.


City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

One of the most crucial point in life is after I completed high school, because I wasn’t sure what do I want to do with my life, if I should follow a family tradition or do something new. I have many ideas in my mind that make every single decision very difficult, but at the end I went for what I though was what I love to do, but as always the challenge wasn’t enough just to study something different, the new challenge was to study in a different country with a different language, culture and get the best experience that I could get from it. I moved to New York couple years ago and from the moment that I arrived I knew that this time everything will be different, because this time I come to study and not to have fun. The research for school with a good programs was the most difficult part because I didn’t have the enough money to pay it but also I didn’t know much about the US academic system. But my mind it was always setting to find something related to technology, and after a long research I found New York City College Of Technology with a good curriculum. Like every single college, city tech have the best and the worst but what I love about it is that they always trying to bring the last equipment in technology so the student can be familiar with it.

The Architecture Technology department is my department and I feel proud of it, as I said I don’t think the programs has reach the top as other departments but I feel that they are trying to get there soon. In my personal experience I fell like the department should be more than one floor, for many reasons. That I will mention in other parts of the essay.

My ideal department will be one  that we could have one building just only for us because we just have one floor, for all the equipment that we have, although the rooms are big doesn’t mean that all the student can be there, sometimes in one classroom is going to classes with different levels. Also I know the interaction between all the students is good but I believe that student should have a different in order of the years that they are, because one from second year will not be as one in the four year, maybe is something personal but I believe that they should be separate but years or at least buy programs.

Class size and faculty, I think the architecture department manage this very well. We have a very good professor from different part of the world with different approaches and knowledge that is given to us. I believe that having professor from other counties and with experience in different areas in architecture made this schools unique. They always teach us the most excited thing and what it made the class more interesting is the size because for the studio classes we are just 18 student so we always get the reviews  from the professors and something we even get to experiment with other professor that they been invited for the finals presentations.

Mentoring and internships, I think in these two subjects the school have to work more hard, because mentoring a students is the most important step for the future, I know that from the architecture department only one professor is qualified for be a mentor for the school and I don’t agree, we have one elite of professional that they have the capacity of be mentors. Also this will help to bring the grades and the preparation of each student above the requirements. Now also the internship is very important for each department not only for the architecture, but I believe that each student should be obligated to have an internship and have an amount of hours before graduations, this will bring experience to the students and will made them ready for the professional world. Many universities have his programs and I believe that is one of the main point that they may those successfully.

Advising is another pain, we have a couple of professor that they do advising but in general is only two professor that they really can help you, because with the change of the curriculum and between programs that y always have some problem, and this professor call, email and do everything that is possible to fix it at that moments, they seat with you and help you to fallow the step by step program and they always there for anything. But the others are the opposed they don’t know much about the changes and if they do they just said that we have to email or we just need to wait until the register office fix it.

Technology is something that I cannot complain about it , we have the most advance technology that we could have every year the computer and the monitors are change for new ones, we have printers and scanners in every simple room all the classes have computers projectors and everything that u can imagine for made the class more interesting. We have laser cutters, 3D printers, CMC machines and everything that we need, even the most basic materials. Maybe the only thing we need is one or two more rooms for modeling, because we only have one and it’s not enough for all the students.

The big problem about the architecture department I believe is the labs because all the labs are really hot because of the computers and all the students that we are inside, those room are the worst, in the midterm and the finals those classrooms are like hell, you cannot be there for more than one hour because they are really hot and the AC doesn’t work properly, we don’t have the enough ventilation for cool the labs. Now that other really cool thing that the schools should have is the lab 24/7 because in midterms and finals if the student don’t have a computers he or she will not be able to finish the work on time. I have friend that they went to others schools just to finish they work on time some of them got in serious problems but at the end they finish they projects and now they graduate.

I research many schools and programs before choosing City Tech but as I mentioned before I always want to do something related to technology and that why I choose City Tech, I know MIT is a very good school in technology but somebody said to me “doesn’t matter where you start out in life; it only matter where you end up” I do want to do my master in M I T, they have very good programs and they have more advance technology than Cooper Union, in the case of Columbia they have a good program too but the program that they offer is not good as MIT.




Georgia tech

Online Identity in a Networked World

We are living in the time where with a couple for click we can find a lot information about anything we want to know, it doesn’t mean that is truth. As technology advances and we became more independent of it. We do not realize it’s a double-edged tool that can give us a hand or get into very big problems in other cases. Social media is one of the most effective’s way that we use now in day to find more that the basic information. The use of internet is very scary in relation of identity theft, this is not a recently is something that is heard for many years but now we the technology at the fingertips of all is more easy to find it.

The first time I Google myself it was couple of years ago with the idea to find some information about my family tree but I didn’t find anything, but the last time that I google myself I found more information about me and close friends  or members of my family. At first I was happy because I didn’t realize the danger that could be. For this assignment I Google myself one more time and the information that I found it was kind of surprise, nothing wrong about it but with the use of the Open Lab and other services I could find more information that I never thought could be find it.

I really like the articles I don’t agree with all the point that they made but in general help me to realize that everything that I do in my personal life and it is post it in different Social Medias could affect the decision of my future employers. I think the use of Facebook is one of the most common problems that most of the people had because they didn’t realize that every single post that they made could be find. In my personal life I use many different social medias as a platform for make connections, but also help me to think before I post something in the internet or even to leave a comments could affect many future opportunities. Private social medias are the new thing in this day but if you think about it you can realize that is more safe but doesn’t mean that you could post whatever came to your mind. In my experience I try to use for show some work that I did in the past and I think that show the progress that I have achieve in the process in school. I don’t feel proud of all of them but also give me the inspiration to do better the next time.

In the other hand I don’t really agree with the use of this medias in order to get information from the candidates for a job, I don’t think is the best way to find if the candidate have the capacities that the company is looking. What they are doing is “judging a book for the cover” the inside or the qualification that the employee is what is matter. One funny picture of something that you wrote I don’t believe enough information to make a decision, but at the same time I don’t think is really wrong to do it because if you put yourself as an employer and you have the responsibility to find the wring person to work site to site with you and bring your company to the top, you really want to know and find out about his or her background information. As employer I don’t going to judge you for one of many pictures that I could found about you and your friends or the comments that you wrote in your personal page, but I could have a better idea about who is the person, what are the expectation of this person, maybe I could found why he or she was fired from previous jobs and have a better picture of who is the person that is going to work with me.

In general the social medias as I mentioned before is a platform with unlimited power, that could be used in favor or against you, be careful with what you write,  public or even the comments that you leave in some blogs, that could do the difference in the future to achieve the perfect job


Rene’s Job ad

As a future architect graduate, one of the most difficult times is to find a place were we can get a internship, but that is not the most difficult as we though. The most difficult is to find a job where you can do what you love. In my case y really like to redesign and create the same staff with innovation, also made renderings and everyhting related to 3D modeling.  In my area of architecture this has the name of fabrication, and this is one of the last technology that every single office is asking for, specially in US.
Most of the companies in this area are looking for student with a very high knowledge in 3D printers, scanners and CMC machines. 

T he first important point that the companies are looking for it is the education that you have in the area that you are trying to apply for. the years of experiences that you have on it and for last but no less important the portfolio or examples of a previews work that the applicant had.

One of the most common program that most of the companies as for is Rhino 5, 3DMax or Maya. These three programs help any student or even a professional to find a better job. Also in this kind of ads most of then they want that the person that apply, have some experience in the past and not only the knowledge of it.

Other important part is that the applicant must have the ability of expression, and be persuasive, for two reason; be able to work in groups , be ably to take others ideas but the most important part is that he or she must be able to  convince the customer that the product that we do is 100 percent good and we have the wright company to do the work.

Also the companies are looking for people, who can have the knowledge of other soft wares for example and one of the most important in the market because its the one that every simgle company use It is AutoCad, now int his era also they start  asking for Revit architecture, google skechues, and many others programs that they are most use for modeling in 3D

Now as i mentioned before the experience, it is a must in many cases, expecialy in teh cases of 3D printing or CMC machines, because if something go wrong with the equipment the company is losing money  and jobs, every equipment that for more tiny and unimportant that it look it is a lot of money to repair of get a new one

Other important part about this companies is that the want you to be able to work any day, with different schedules, sometime even holidays, but as i sad before if you love what you do you will never work, in my case its like playing a video game


About me

Hello everyone, my name is Rene Alcon, I am from Bolivia-South America.i move to NYC couple years ago. Something personal I lived all my life inside of a military base in different parts of the world, the last experience was in Congo –Africa, with the U.N. soldiers

67197_441825366429_2724738_n. 1936435_117759860745_888990_n

One of the biggest passions I had was to travel all over the world and I did for many years, learn many cultures and have the opportunity to meet and work with different people. After many adventures I decided to study architecture in one of the most extraordinary city. NYC help me to grow as a person and have a motivations for my future.

At the present time I work in an Italian restaurant, in order to pay my study expenses, but the best thing from this job is that I have the opportunity to meet with very important people, as ex-president Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and many others, travel all over US. And also the opportunity to keep studding Architecture.

In the future I would like to have my own architecture company, and focus more in 3D printer and fabrication. i think that could be possible in the long run but for now i would like to start working in my industry as a interior design in the area of 3d modeling and animation