summary “The Flight from Conversation”

“The Flight from Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle, published in April 21 of 2012. This article demonstrate how technology influenced in everyday life. People with the technology in his hand have a very drastic change in their daily routine. The devices as cellphones, tables and others made it so easy to be connected with others, but at the same time this made a disconnection between each other. The article have examples of how people interactions changed in the last couple of years, how people  are not able to have a simple chat with a friend or colleague without using their electronic devices.


“Alone together” a simple idea is taking place all over the article. People without notice they been isolated in their own world,  they think they are in the same place but they are not, they feel the power of be what and where they want but at the same time they don’t notice that they just been one more of the thousands of slaves from technology.


Sherry Turkle thinks that everyday the population is loosing the freedon of be a unique individual with the capacity of having a conversation with others apart from an electronic device. She believes that technology should be use in other areas and not much in the individual life style,  been able to put a device a side should be easy, in order to be part of those moments that wouldn’t came back anymore, be able to have a chat between a boss and a worker , friend to friend or even between family members.