Summary of “The Flight From Conversation”. Iurii Druchuk.

Sherry Turkle through her article “The Flight From Conversation” discusses how humans choose to communicate through technology rather than communicating through conversations. People are “alone together”(Page 1), they are focusing at the same time on many connections, which leads them to the dissociation of themselves from others. The author makes examples of how various individuals of different casts, social layers, and all ages willingly replace conversations by connections through innovations and technology. Sherry Turkle claims that connections give flexibility and customization, however, they make people lonely and fake, connections delude humans; she argues, “they do not substitute for conversations”(Page 2). The author gives strategies of how people can integrate conversations into their lives. She argues that it is necessary for humans to communicate through real life conversations rather than through innovative connections.



1. Turkle Sherry, “The Flight From Conversation”, published April 21,2012.