Summary of “The Flight From Conversation”

The Flight From Conversation” is an article written by Sherry Turkle. The article discuss about  how technology today changing our ways of communication from face-to-face conversation to social media connection.

In the beginning of the article, the author introduce her credibility of studied technologies of mobile connection for the past 15 years. Then she point out the idea of “alone together”.  Throughout her 15 years study and research, the author discovered that many people barely talk with each other even when they are next to each other, even friends and family member doesn’t communicate face to face as much as it used to be before. She also emphasize that although many young people in company and student in college library are working and breathing under the same atmosphere, but they are in their bubble.

The author also stated that people today are accustomed to what social media had impacted us in our daily life. Texting, Email, Facebook, and Twitter has gradually replaced oral communication. They allows people even more flexibility of editing and presenting themself in the social media world. as people switched over to online connection, they tend to loose their motivation and ability to self-reflect.

Another message the author mention is that during her research, she found out that many youngsters are tend to talk with an “artificial intelligence program” instead of their parents because machines are always stand by, always willing to hear from them, and most importantly “never have to be alone.”

In the last part of the article, the authors give few suggestions of how to avoid being alone together at home and at work. Also she urged to start conversation with one another.


Source: The Flight From Conversation, By Sherry Turkle.