Online Identity in a Networked World

We are living in the time where with a couple for click we can find a lot information about anything we want to know, it doesn’t mean that is truth. As technology advances and we became more independent of it. We do not realize it’s a double-edged tool that can give us a hand or get into very big problems in other cases. Social media is one of the most effective’s way that we use now in day to find more that the basic information. The use of internet is very scary in relation of identity theft, this is not a recently is something that is heard for many years but now we the technology at the fingertips of all is more easy to find it.

The first time I Google myself it was couple of years ago with the idea to find some information about my family tree but I didn’t find anything, but the last time that I google myself I found more information about me and close friends  or members of my family. At first I was happy because I didn’t realize the danger that could be. For this assignment I Google myself one more time and the information that I found it was kind of surprise, nothing wrong about it but with the use of the Open Lab and other services I could find more information that I never thought could be find it.

I really like the articles I don’t agree with all the point that they made but in general help me to realize that everything that I do in my personal life and it is post it in different Social Medias could affect the decision of my future employers. I think the use of Facebook is one of the most common problems that most of the people had because they didn’t realize that every single post that they made could be find. In my personal life I use many different social medias as a platform for make connections, but also help me to think before I post something in the internet or even to leave a comments could affect many future opportunities. Private social medias are the new thing in this day but if you think about it you can realize that is more safe but doesn’t mean that you could post whatever came to your mind. In my experience I try to use for show some work that I did in the past and I think that show the progress that I have achieve in the process in school. I don’t feel proud of all of them but also give me the inspiration to do better the next time.

In the other hand I don’t really agree with the use of this medias in order to get information from the candidates for a job, I don’t think is the best way to find if the candidate have the capacities that the company is looking. What they are doing is “judging a book for the cover” the inside or the qualification that the employee is what is matter. One funny picture of something that you wrote I don’t believe enough information to make a decision, but at the same time I don’t think is really wrong to do it because if you put yourself as an employer and you have the responsibility to find the wring person to work site to site with you and bring your company to the top, you really want to know and find out about his or her background information. As employer I don’t going to judge you for one of many pictures that I could found about you and your friends or the comments that you wrote in your personal page, but I could have a better idea about who is the person, what are the expectation of this person, maybe I could found why he or she was fired from previous jobs and have a better picture of who is the person that is going to work with me.

In general the social medias as I mentioned before is a platform with unlimited power, that could be used in favor or against you, be careful with what you write,  public or even the comments that you leave in some blogs, that could do the difference in the future to achieve the perfect job