Class notes (11/05) Rene

Class notes (11/05)

  • The class was devoted to presentation of final projects and the development of them
  • Prof Jill Belli office is located in N-520 with office hours on Wednesday after class, also student can email her in order to go over the projects

In class

  • Read and comments in the different final projects.
  • Get to know all the pros and cons of all the projects.
    • Perspective of the project (self-ideas)
    • Set and plan (explanation)
    • Information(description)
    • Facts /research (background information)
    • Explain (why of the project- relevant and rational)

On the board

  1. What is the project?

The definition, limits focus projects

  1. Rational / stakeholder
  2. How it will be done
  3. General (comments )


Back to the reading

The pros and cons of working in groups

The skill

The emotion

The invest of the time

The collaboration with others

The agreements and the progress that could be dome more quickie.



  • Go over the final projects and answer the questions
  • Work plan(schedule )
  • Work in the bibliography
  • Progress in the project(more development)

Professor gives midterm grades and evaluation back