Computer Club Support- Chris, Derrick, Deniel, Lian

Our project will be an active support of the only computer club within city tech. Specifically, our group is seeking ways to improve the computer club in regards to the student body. With this idea in mind, we can run through a gambit of ideas that can play off of the techniques we’ve learned in this course. When we say improve, we mean the acquisition of hardware and software, quality work spaces, creation of a forum, technology and field specialty trips and more.

As a group, we feel very enthusiastic about the idea of helping our fellow students. It is important because the only computer club within a computer centric school doesn’t seem to have to amount of support it should have. It is relevant to this course because it will take a very precise tone and word base to communicate with various groups and individuals so as to persuade them to our cause.
The stakeholders are the entire city tech student body. As all of our work, if successful, will solely benefit the students. It will give them greater access to the things that they are entitled to being in a school focused on technology. The audience will essentially include the entire student body but it will also include higher ups within the school(faculty,workers,etc…). Our project’s is to bring the computer club to a point where it is essentially interwoven into the fabric of the students at city tech. Our goal is to assist the club in becoming what it should be.

We will need to take many steps to ensure we stay on task for this project this semester. A carefully thought out Gantt chart is a possibility after we have thought out the finer details of our project. We can have milestones setup to mark our progress. We can even establish personal and group checklists.

We will need to conduct various types of research. We will need to research into how clubs get funding and budgets. We will have to research how other schools treat their computer clubs and what resources are available to them. We will also need to conduct surveys of the city tech student body to see what they want from their computer club. We would also need to research how to go about the process of getting all of these changes implemented.

We plan to complete this project by collaborating closely and effectively with each other. We will also be collaborating closely with the computer club, students and faculty alike. Our group already have established times that are comfortable for us to meet up and discuss this project. So far Fridays in the afternoon seem to be our best time to meet. We also have a google group forum of sorts to communicate with each other at any time. We’ve also exchanged phone numbers and skype addresses so that all avenues of communication are covered.

Each group member will assigned work based on their strengths. However, we will assist each other at every step of the way so that we may all have ideas and topics fully fleshed out and executed. Peer review and collaboration is key in this project. We won’t be able to move forward without having the input from every individual.

We will learn how to improve a already establish system through this project. We will learn how to accomplish that through to collaboration and planning power of a group effort. By utilizing ideas from every person in our group, as well as using our research and hard efforts to supplement that, we will pave the way for our success in this project. Although it will not be an easy task, we will strive to make it a reality.