Owner’s Manual–Tony

Since I am computer science major, most of the time I have to deal with different types of devices. So I decided to look for something that is computer related. Printer is a device that I use in daily life, either for homework or for personal printout. Brother is well known in making printers for both small office and enterprise.

I found a manual for brother laser printer model number HL2140, HL2150N, and HL2170W. The manual looks very professional and straight forward to me; it starts out with definitions of bunch of symbol that may be appearing throughout the manual. It informs users with safety precaution that may happen when using it, and tells you how to prevent those situations and how solve them in first position. Follow by emergency is the table of contents which is very helpful when the manual is about a hundred and thirty pages long. You can easily spot any information you need to pull out when need them. Manual has several pictures that shows view of the printer from different directions, which is a plus in clarity; the pictures labeled with numbers and each numbers has its corresponding definition for it.

In terms of the accessibility, I think the manual is very accessible because pictures are large enough to be seen and the manual also show you the real scene of installation environment. In addition to that, if you are having trouble with fixing any problems that might occur you can always refer to the table of the content to spot the right chapter for troubleshooting.

The usability of the manual is also decent. The printer itself would make your life easier as it has several automate mode to configure the user preference. Go down to mid section, the manual will tell you what operating system is compatible and drivers needed to install. Years later, if your tire of that printer, you can also always do a clean uninstall for different version of operating system and drivers. It also recommended couple software if you need more services from the printer than just printer, scan, and faxing.

Overall, I think brother’s user manual is very clear and helpful about quick access of information, straightforward pictures, and user safety.

Brother Printer User Guide—HL-2140, HL-2150N, & HL-2170W

PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

When playing video games such as Call of Duty with my friends or family its very important to me to plan out strategies with them over a via bluetooth through the PS3.

This instruction manual has 12 part: precautions, registering(pairing with the PS3 system, registering(pairing) the headset with other bluetooth devices, priority setting for bluetooth connections, charging the headset, using the headset, status indicator display, headset features for the PS3, before requesting service, specifications and last but not least the limited warranty.

After reading the instruction manual I then connected my bluetooth to my PS3 and this took about 2 minutes the instructions for this part was very very clear and easy to understand. however, what i found very interesting is that not only will this bluetooth work with the PS3 but also with mobile phones which i had no clue about. Another thing that i found interesting is that under the same category there a hint at the bottom of the section and the hint said “you cannot use a usb cable to pair the headset with a bluetooth device other than the ps3 system “after a while my bluetooth actually stopped working and well i guess i just found out the reason on why my brand new bluetooth broke it after a couple weeks of being used.

This instruction manual was very well put together, everything made sense and there was also mini steps on how to install or complete whatever you are trying to do. When i first got this expensive bluetooth I didn’t really read through the instruction manual and thats why my bluetooth broke on me. Next time I’m going to actually read through the instruction manual especially even if i know what I’m doing just because I thought I knew what i was doing with the bluetooth and it ended up getting damaged.

Its very important to have an instruction manual thats easy to read and understand just to make it much easier for people who don’t know much about the product and for those who think they know what they are doing and actually end up messing up the product so they wont damage the product. also so these people won’t have a problem installing that product. It is also very good to refer back to the instruction manual when ever you get stuck with something that you’re confused with.


PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

Samsung Galaxy S5 Manual Evaluation

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the latest smart phones to hit the market. With some of the new features on it, for example, features like the S Health, that can check your heart rate, check the amount of calories or the number of steps per day or the google drive that’s pre-installed where you can save your work and retrieve it on any other device that uses google, makes it exceptionally worth the buy. Though these features are introduced by seeing it, finding a way to locate them or even identifying what to look for also plays a factor, which brings me to the Instruction Manual.

When on the Samsung website, looking at the instruction manual it showed that it had ten sections within the table of contents with sub-sections of how to use the device. As a person that has used other kinds of smartphones before it isn’t an issue for me to use this one and if their was something that I could not find, I would play around with till I found my solution. But for a person who isn’t phone savvy, I would recommend that they use the manual because the way they outlined the manual, they made it approachable from beginning to end.

Meaning, that Samsung structured the manual in the beginning that if you had to put it together, you would know exactly what to do just by looking at the “Getting Started” in section one to the end where you can setup your finger scanner in “Changing your Settings” in section nine. Another thing that I noticed with there online manual is apart from having sectioned and organised, they made it that if you were trying to find the information on the features of your phone, eg. located in section two “Understanding Your Device,” they made it interactive that you click on the sub category like “features of your device” and it would take you to that link which not only describes the device but displays pictures as well to let you have a visual look at the tool which I think is cool because it saves time as well as it collaborates with the description.

Overall, I like the Samsung Galaxy S5 manual because it is interactive to people that may know how to use as well as the people that aren’t technically phone savvy. The structure that it gives from beginning to end is great for all users to use at any convenience.

This is the link.


Instruction Manual for the Iron Gym

For this assignment I decided to use the Iron Gym instruction manual. It is something that I already own and use on a daily basis. The Iron Gym is essentially a work out bar that you can use to perform a variety of exercises on the upper body. The manual is broken up into three parts where it first outlines the assembly process, the exercises you can perform and a nutrition guide after the workouts. Overall the manual is concise and easy to comprehend.

The manual first introduces the multi-functionality of the bar with a user discretion to prevent any injuries while using it. It then shows a computerized image of the bar with captions describing each part of the bar and a list of different pieces that the whole set comes with. The illustration for the assembly process is one image showing where all the screws should belong and how to put together the different pieces.

The next section which is also the largest section, are the exercises that can be performed on the bar. Each page from this section shows the proper form of the exercise and brief precautions to take to prevent any injuries. Each exercise also comes with illustrations that show the starting and ending positions for each exercise.

The last section is a nutrition guide that supplements the exercise section. This section covers the dietary factors and the recommended amount one should consume after the workout. It also breaks down the time of when each dietary factor should be consumed such as what time protein and carbohydrates should be consumed.

In conclusion, the manual is concise and easily accessible especially when compared to an instruction manual such as this. The assembly process is brief and the illustrations are detailed and straight forward.

Philips user manual

The manual i found is a Philips user manual. The product is a hairdryer, their HP8102 model. This is a common model of a hairdryer that you can buy in nearly any store that sells hair-care products. It can also be found online on websites like Amazon. This hairdryer is special, it is unlike other hairdryer. This hairdryer can fold in on itself making it portable.

First clarity, the manual is very clear. The pictures are large, they are well labeled and the labels correspond to well written descriptions. From the images you can clearly see how the hairdryer should be folded and you know exactly what to press and where. From even taking a cursory glance at the manual, I understood what it was for and how i should be using the product. It was even a pleasure to read the manual because of it’s clarity.

Second is accessibility. This manual was pretty easy to find. All i did was search for the model of the hairdryer on Google and it was a top result. If i could find it so easily, i think anybody else could, too. Not only is it easy to find, but the information inside it is also very accessible. I knew what i was looking at the second I saw it. It was clearly labeled at the top and the picture matched my product. Sometimes different products get grouped into one manual because they are very similar. They don’t always account for the slight differences between the product and the user becomes confused. This was NOT the case with this manual.

The manual has very high usability. Mostly due to the fact that it is very short. This helps keep your attention while you read. Most people never open their manual, but the few that do quickly become discouraged due to the length. You’re not bogged down with a ton of instructions, lots of labeled pictures and long-winded text descriptions. You know what you bought the product for, so you just want to know how to use it properly and this manual is very usable in that sense. Gets right to the facts. It describes how to fold it properly. It then gets into how to properly use it to dry your hair. Last and certainly the least it, it gives you the Guarantee and service section of the manual with all the things nobody wants to read but they have to say. Afterwards, you get another set of images of the products just so you don’t have to flip the pages or scroll up again.

Philips user manual, HP8102 blowdryer model

TF4-TF5 Coffeemaker Manual Review

I’ve always been more of a tea person. On the rare occasion I may choose to have some coffee I always do it myself rather use a coffeemaker. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to see how simple it is to set up and use a coffeemaker.

I searched online and chose the first one I saw; the TF4/TF5 Coffeemaker.

I was impressed by how in depth the manual covered every potential issue possible. It was well organized and flowed well. Information was not just scattered all about the place as I have seen with other manuals.

The manual starts off with important safeguard information stressing a safety first approach. As with most products, users want to be able to properly benefit from whatever they are using while doing so in a safe manner. The table of contents is then placed on the next page and I found this a little odd as it should be the first page in my opinion. However it isn’t that big of a problem to the user. The manual itself goes into great detail on how to operate the appliance and deliver the end product, that is, a great batch of coffee. It is so easy to understand I think that anyone with common sense can follow these instructions. There is also a diagram of all the parts provided in case one is confused about the set up. This is next to the suggested coffee measurement chart telling customers what to do for their ideal cup. The manual even goes so far as to tell customers how to clean their new appliance. Again this is done in a manner which is simple and easy to understand. The troubleshooting section then highlight potential problems and tells you how to deal with them accordingly. Lastly, there is then a repeat of everything, this time in Spanish, and that is very helpful to persons more fluent in that language.

Overall, the manual is very concise yet effective , as it should be, and I see no reason for anyone to not find it useless.



Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual Evaluation


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone consists of many different programs preinstalled into the phone, to a person new to using smartphones this phone might seem a bit complex at first but luckily it comes with an instruction manual. The instruction manual may seem overwhelming with the amount of pages but it has a table of contents that leads to very specific aspects of the phone.

Instructions are presented in a readable and comprehendible way with simple language, so there is no need to worry about technical terms. In terms of content the manual varies from the physical components of the phone such as the memory card and programs built in the smartphone such as Google+ and Amazon Kindle. Instructions are complemented with visual aids to make following steps easy with arrows pointing indicating what component the text is being referred to.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone comes with a multitude of applications all in which has its own icon, the instruction manual clearly shows images of these icons and explain what they mean and what the function of each application is. Overall the instruction manual is well organized, easily accessible, and easy to understand. It may be a bit big for a phone manual but that is only because it explains functions for every specific aspect of the smart phone. The organized table of content includes simple titles so the user can easily determine what they are looking for.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Manual

Owner’s Manual Evaluation of Vizio Smart TV, Iurii Druchuk

The user’s manuals or instructions vary from product to product. The more functional a product is the more complex will be the manual for it. I chose to look at the product, which has decent functionality abilities, but still should be very simple to use. The product is Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1. Smart TVs are relatively new TV products; they came to such popularity just couple of years ago. Obviously, people who are using this type of product generally are not TV experts or extraordinary technological geniuses. Most users are people who just want to watch their TV at afternoons. Hence, the product manual has to be delicate and at the same time cognitive for users.

When I look at the owner’s manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1 first, what I see is the overall view of the product and name of the model. This is very nice to begin with, because right away I am seeing what I am going to learn about. Along with these two things, I am given the information about the certifications and licenses. As for me, this information is not really usable in this place of the manual, it should be at the end of the user’s manual, where all of the terms and conditions are stated. Not unlike the specifications table, which I found all the way at the end, and which I would rather find it more useful to be on the second page of the manual, or somewhere at the beginning.

What I found very useful, however, is the diagram and information about “Television Antenna Connection Protection.” It is useful, because often television is sold without any reassuring protectoral instructions, or even cabling manuals. In addition, the next page table of contents is a very huge plus because the manual is 73 pages long. Table of content is something users are going to use all the time with this manual.

The sections of the actual content and instructions are very logical and explanatory. The details are specific and address needed parts of the hardware and software. Most parts are explained in such way that person that does not know all of the technological terms will be able to understand the manual. Besides the installation diagrams and instructions, the manual includes the Package Contents, it makes user to trust what he or she reads in the manual, because the company does not hide anything.

Further in the context specific information about functions of the hardware parts is explained. Which is very common, it describes all of the ports and in what way they are useful for owners, as well, the remote controls functions are stated. Closer towards the middle of the manual, it goes from hardware explanations to software configurations and then use. I found it very amusing that they made it this way, with such transition; it is logically clear and just nifty to have this transition from hardware to software. In addition, every component and part of the configuration is explained well and thoroughly, for the most part everything is clear. Each setting is thoroughly described. Basically, the manual shows, what will happen when a user choses certain setting or option. This is great because a user will not be confused and surprised in the future by not understanding what is going on with the TV set.

Overall, I found owner’s manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1 very helpful. It has covered everything from the safety tips on cabling and antenna placement up to the specifics of the setting options. Few parts I have disliked are probably based on a priority that the company has chosen to state the information. For instance, as I have mentioned it, the licensing I would find more useful at the end of the whole information; the specification table, which I would be happier to see at the beginning of the manual. Besides these minor, I would probably give this manual five out of five stars. It is in a clear and accessible language and tone that is user-friendly.



1. Owners manual of Vizio Smart TV Model: E500i-A1


Xbox 360 Manual

In the xbox 360 manual start out by introducing the produce. It the tell the user the they have to register their xbox 360. On the second page the manual issue a warning to the user about risk of injury or death that can happen why using the device. Under the warning also include web link to help user who need further support about the device if the manual does not work. The second page also include a table of content that will help the user to navigation in between content.

The second page give the use image and tools the product comes with and point out the main part for the product. The manual give the user step by step instruction on how to connect the device to their television. While the manual give the user electrical safety tips on how to avoid any electrical injury death. The fact that it is giving user tips on how to avoid injury or death is interesting because people may not thing that some product carry those risk.

The manual then give the user instruction how how to turn on the device after connecting the device is connected to the television. After the user turn on it device, the manual then give the user instruction on how to set up their device for their personal use and how to connect their device to the internet to connect with other people that have the same device.  The manual also come with instruction on how to use the product warranty if their is a problem with the device. The warranty instruction include what to do if the product is damage and instruction on how to buy more warranty if the user current warranty expires.

The manual was simple to understand and use the product. The manual start off by giving the use image of what the user should have to complete the task. The manual then give the user instruction on how to connect the consoles to their television.  The xbox 360 manual is setup in a way that is easy to understand. The sets were setup simple to read and understand, everything was there to help the user use the system properly.

Overall the manual give the user a understand on how to complete a task that was given. Anyone who uses the manual can complete the task given in the manual.



Nexus 5’s Manual

Nexus 5 is a phone that was released by Google almost a year ago. Two things that surprises me as I went through the manual. First, I noticed was that there are only 18 pages. Secondly, there is no table of content. That surprises me because the Nexus 5 is a smart phone. To me, I have no problem using this device because I am accustomed to their products. However, there should be more instruction for new user, such as how to navigate around the phone’s interface, and features.

The manual uses pictures and icons to illustrate the physical buttons of the phone. Once again this can be confusing to some users.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.58.47 PM For example, under the power symbol. It looks like an sd card, or a sim card.

After the basic introduction of the phone. The manual goes on to how to safely use the phone. They use second person narration to list the safeties, so everything is straight to the phone, and sound like it is speaking to you.

Overall, this manual is very simple. There’s not much information. People that are used to using Google’s interface should not have a problem. However, other users may find it difficult. New users will have to use the phone for a while to become comfortable with it

Download (PDF, 375KB)