Calvin’s Education/Career Reflection

When I first started City Tech, I had high expectations of learning mainstream  programming languages such as C++, Java, HTML and SQL and as a result I enrolled in the Computer Science (CSC) major. However, while learning these languages, there were a bunch of classes that were deemed irrelevant to me that were required in order to get my degree. Some of these classes were higher level math courses such as Calculus 2, Discrete Math 2, Linear Algebra and many others. These classes deterred me from continuing my major as CSC so as a result, I changed my major to Computer System Technology (CST).

After changing my major and the curriculum I feel that I should have made this change a while ago. I admit that I haven’t adequately done my research on what major I should have chosen thus wasting a few semesters taking classes that don’t pertain to my current major. Reflecting back now after I’ve made this change, I know that I took a step in the right direction and gradually narrowing down to what I would like to do in the computer field.

In terms of preparedness, I can’t really speak too much about it since I have not took the higher level courses yet for a specific module. However, from the fundamental and basic courses, it has prepared me very little even though the programming classes are practical and hands-on. Most of programming concepts can be learned online. During the summer when I was working as an intern, most of the tasks that I was assigned had to be looked up on Google. The Web Development II course that the school offers only scratches the surface of languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML. Also the specializations that the school offers are limited compared to other universities such as Boston University. Other universities have 6 or more while our school only has 4. Additionally, the school lacks labs where students can work with technology. Pace University offers these labs for students to work on virtualization and realistic enterprise computers.

Lastly, because the sole purpose of college is to prepare students for jobs, college education and it’s curriculum should definitely be based on the job market’s needs or demands. The problem is that with this school, it lacks the proper resources to prepare the students for the real world even though if the curriculum is on the right track. The lack of labs is incredibly detrimental for student education since it hinders the student’s ability to get curious and explore more about a certain subject such as virtualization or cybersecurity.

In conclusion, the education that I have received so far at City Tech is mediocre at best. On the bright side, I do favor how the school differs itself from other CUNYs such as City College and Hunter College where it offers an Information Systems degree instead of only Computer Science. This omits more of the theoretical courses such as higher level math courses, data structures and algorithms and sciences such as physics.

Pace University

NYU Polytech

Boston University


Queens College

Hunter College

City College


Penn State University



Tony’s–Major/Education Reflection

New York City College of Technology is a good school that is always wanted to help their student to progress in knowledge of specific field, but after I did the job search of network field, one thing I was kind of worry about is technical skills we are lacking. When I read across several job ads, I realized that I don’t have enough hard skills for me to compete with people who does. So the first thing that came up to my mind is City Tech. I was asking myself if the school prepare students with enough technical skill train rather than throwing bunch of theoretical knowledge before they step into a their career field.

To be specific about what I mean, Lets start with my department arranged curriculum for computer science and compare our computer program with other colleges’ computer program. I remember when I take the fundamental network class on the second semester in City Tech, my professor taught us about how to make cable, to be specific, RJ-45 cable; It is used for Ethernet connection between two nodes. Learn how to make cable is the most fundamental skill for a networking guy because they are the one who’s making the cable and hook up all computers, servers, and printer to form a network connection. Yet my professor did not show us how to make it practically rather than just lecturing the process of making it. Another example that shows the lack lab activity is when I took an advanced networking class. during that semester, my professor does make us build up a small network of 2-3 computers and couple switches and router. we also need to configure are connection devices in order to all devices to be cable to communicate with each other. although this is a very help practice toward my career, yet this is barely enough for the enterprise environment. we all know that the moment we got hiring into a computer or even a small computer, we have to deal with hundreds or thousand of devices that needs to be connect to internal network and monitor their behaviors. for us to be prepared, I think the school need to buy¬†more equipment and ¬†set up variety of labs for students to practice their skills.

though City Tech computer system department is lacking labs and extracurricular,  they does provide students with adequate amount of courses to prepare student for specific type of job. The school have major core module that student can choice as there future career path, so that student can be more focus on what they pick to study. However, there is one thing that I think it needs to be improve is lacking of class for specific certificate preparation. For example, in NYIT, the computer science department give student option to take Cisco based certificate class for those who aim on network profession. another thing that i think city tech is doing its work is internship class for undergraduates. when I did the job research, I realized that many employer require candidates to have certain amount of experience in order to qualify the position opened. internship class give students a opportunity to get a grasp of how real working field look like, it also helps students to gain as much experience as need when they ready to graduate. Internship becomes very beneficial for this purpose, but i think there need to have a slightly change to the curriculum, that we need to have more than just one internship class before graduation.

When I through all the university websites and degree curriculum, I found out many college require students to take math class beyond calculus one. I assume that this will help students to build up a strong problem solving skills, which I think is very important for IT people. I also see some college held many computer related events for students to communicate with people in the school and people from organization, for example: Stanford. Another thing that I would like to point out is lacking of field trip to sites that related to your career. this is important because what we learned and see in school might not be the same as the stuff that company use.

Soft skills is an area where I think City tech is doing at its best because students are requirement to take ate least 5 English writing and reading ¬†as well as speech related classed through out a bachelor’s degree for computer science. Moreover, many computer classes assigning student with minimum of 1-2 presentation in order for students to practice and prepare their communication skills when they head out for work.

Although I City Tech Computer System Department is improving its quality of curriculum every semester, I urge the department to consider the areas that needed to be improved constantly, such as lack of variety in course, lack of lab activity bonded with real world technology, increase the needs of math skill level as well as certificate training. Among all, I hope these weakness and suggestion would help our college to become a better choice for those who is interesting in technology.


1. City College of New York                                           9. Hunter College

2. NYU Polytechnic                                                       10. Buffalo University

3. Carnegie Mellon University                                       11. University Florida

4. Stanford                                                                    12. Michigan State University

5. College of Staten Island                                            13. Binghamton University

6. Harvard                                                                      14. NYIT

7. RIT                                                                              15. Columbia University

8. Georgetown University                                                16. UCLA

City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

One of the most crucial point in life is after I completed high school, because I wasn’t sure what do I want to do with my life, if I should follow a family tradition or do something new. I have many ideas in my mind that make every single decision very difficult, but at the end I went for what I though was what I love to do, but as always the challenge wasn’t enough just to study something different, the new challenge was to study in a different country with a different language, culture and get the best experience that I could get from it. I moved to New York couple years ago and from the moment that I arrived I knew that this time everything will be different, because this time I come to study and not to have fun. The research for school with a good programs was the most difficult part because I didn’t have the enough money to pay it but also I didn’t know much about the US academic system. But my mind it was always setting to find something related to technology, and after a long research I found New York City College Of Technology with a good curriculum. Like every single college, city tech have the best and the worst but what I love about it is that they always trying to bring the last equipment in technology so the student can be familiar with it.

The Architecture Technology department is my department and I feel proud of it, as I said I don’t think the programs has reach the top as other departments but I feel that they are trying to get there soon. In my personal experience I fell like the department should be more than one floor, for many reasons. That I will mention in other parts of the essay.

My ideal department will be one  that we could have one building just only for us because we just have one floor, for all the equipment that we have, although the rooms are big doesn’t mean that all the student can be there, sometimes in one classroom is going to classes with different levels. Also I know the interaction between all the students is good but I believe that student should have a different in order of the years that they are, because one from second year will not be as one in the four year, maybe is something personal but I believe that they should be separate but years or at least buy programs.

Class size and faculty, I think the architecture department manage this very well. We have a very good professor from different part of the world with different approaches and knowledge that is given to us. I believe that having professor from other counties and with experience in different areas in architecture made this schools unique. They always teach us the most excited thing and what it made the class more interesting is the size because for the studio classes we are just 18 student so we always get the reviews  from the professors and something we even get to experiment with other professor that they been invited for the finals presentations.

Mentoring and internships, I think in these two subjects the school have to work more hard, because mentoring a students is the most important step for the future, I know that from the architecture department only one professor is qualified for be a mentor for the school and I don’t agree, we have one elite of professional that they have the capacity of be mentors. Also this will help to bring the grades and the preparation of each student above the requirements. Now also the internship is very important for each department not only for the architecture, but I believe that each student should be obligated to have an internship and have an amount of hours before graduations, this will bring experience to the students and will made them ready for the professional world. Many universities have his programs and I believe that is one of the main point that they may those successfully.

Advising is another pain, we have a couple of professor that they do advising but in general is only two professor that they really can help you, because with the change of the curriculum and between programs that y always have some problem, and this professor call, email and do everything that is possible to fix it at that moments, they seat with you and help you to fallow the step by step program and they always there for anything. But the others are the opposed they don’t know much about the changes and if they do they just said that we have to email or we just need to wait until the register office fix it.

Technology is something that I cannot complain about it , we have the most advance technology that we could have every year the computer and the monitors are change for new ones, we have printers and scanners in every simple room all the classes have computers projectors and everything that u can imagine for made the class more interesting. We have laser cutters, 3D printers, CMC machines and everything that we need, even the most basic materials. Maybe the only thing we need is one or two more rooms for modeling, because we only have one and it’s not enough for all the students.

The big problem about the architecture department I believe is the labs because all the labs are really hot because of the computers and all the students that we are inside, those room are the worst, in the midterm and the finals those classrooms are like hell, you cannot be there for more than one hour because they are really hot and the AC doesn’t work properly, we don’t have the enough ventilation for cool the labs. Now that other really cool thing that the schools should have is the lab 24/7 because in midterms and finals if the student don’t have a computers he or she will not be able to finish the work on time. I have friend that they went to others schools just to finish they work on time some of them got in serious problems but at the end they finish they projects and now they graduate.

I research many schools and programs before choosing City Tech but as I mentioned before I always want to do something related to technology and that why I choose City Tech, I know MIT is a very good school in technology but somebody said to me ‚Äúdoesn‚Äôt matter where you start out in life; it only matter where you end up‚ÄĚ I do want to do my master in M I T, they have very good programs and they have more advance technology than Cooper Union, in the case of Columbia they have a good program too but the program that they offer is not good as MIT.




Georgia tech

Online Identity

City is a great school and the curriculum is awesome.  I feel that the curriculum prepares me in the types of jobs that I am looking for.  The information in the class is very helpful and will be very useful in my job field that I will be joining when I graduate.  Most of my classes are historical because they show us a lot of information and old ways to do things like using Java script.  The classes that need to be added is C++ and other operation languages, also we need more workshops for more hands on material because most of the jobs in the CST major ask for other hypertext languages and City Tech should be able to let us take these classes. The communication that is needed is verbal and written all because we might have to speak I front of a big group and attend conferences, also we will have to write letters and memos in the work place.

I do feel that college should prepare us for jobs only because if they want us to be successful in he real world they will need to supply us with real life information instead of giving us classes like biology and calc 2.  My skills are setting up and fixing all Apple products and also setting up laptops and desktops.  My education in these skills came from finding out through YouTube videos and also having to be put in the situation to have to fix a product.  I also am able to set up routers, modems and wifi.

i feel that the department should do a lot more hands on work with the students because the things that are needed in this field is a lot of experience over book smarts.  Also we need bigger computer labs only because the lab now is always packed and the computers are always taken and you have to either go to the library or go to the 6th floor to get to a computer lab to just print out homework or even complete and assignment.  The reason why I feel like this is because not everyone is fortunate to have a computer or printer in their homes so the college should be able to accommodate those students with a better facility.

I do have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a open lab and when I google my name nothing pops up for me because I do know that jobs do look at all these things so I never sign up with my real name because I cannot be held responsible for what my friends post and that can affect if I can get the job that I am looking to obtain. ¬†I do think it is not ethical to google candidates but I do understand why they do so and that simple off the fact that the employers want to know if the candidate is worth working in their environment and on the other hand they cannot judge somebody off of their Facebook friends. ¬†Like i read in an article that your Facebook friends can effect your credit score and I find that to be completely unbelievable because you have no control over other people and they can’t negatively or positively condemn you based off of who your friends with on a social network.

Major/Education Reflection

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono and I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Technology (EET) at the City College of New York City of Technology. And the program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. Before the fall semester of 2013 the EET department only had an Associates degree that they offered to the students. With just that associates degree it would have been very hard for us to find a job without having any experience. But know the college offers the students a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Technology. Even though this is different from the bachelor degree that many other tech schools offer we can still find a job out in the market with this degree. I do feel like the major classes that our school offers to use are similar to the major courses that high ranking tech schools offer.

However, we differ mostly in the level of ¬†science and math classes that we have to take. In schools such as City College¬†they go up to calculus 3, differential equations and linear algebra, courses like this. Were in our school the highest math class that we have to take is calculus 2 and probability and statistics. If City Tech was to add some higher math courses it could definitely¬†be a huge help in our major course were the degree of math is way much advanced than what they show us in calculus 2. Also without these courses that City Tech doesn’t offer to the student and that City College does I feel like it doesn’t really help us to think and depend on program such as MATLAB to help us whenever things get too difficult. Farmingdale State College¬†they offer physics and so do we too, but their physics is calculus based while the physics that the EET department wants us to take is algebra based physics. Taking algebra based physics makes the physics really easy and sometimes the students need to be challenged especially when we have to take calculus why make us take a physics that is lower than the math that we will be working with in our EET courses. In the State University of New York at New Paltz¬†the students in the Electrical Engineering major are required to take a programming class and also chemistry. This Classes aren’t even required at City Tech, the programming class I think should be a requirement just because we do use it when programming a mircocontroller. Like I said before if City Tech offered more advanced courses in math and science it would definitely help us out when working on problems and not always depending on our calculators or program to do the work for us.

The major and lab courses that are required without our department are similar indeed this is were our school is on an even playing field with the other top electrical engineering school in the area. City Tech is really hands on with the students and they do help us with projects and the labs are really hands on and they help us explore our creative ideas.

My suggestions would be to have more classes that would be an intro to the programs that we would use when working on labs and projects. Also along with the lecture and labs I feel like in each one of our lab courses we should design a little something to help us with the designing aspect of engineering. The classes are a good size of 18 students per class which is good because you can have more one on one time with the professor, however, I would suggest hiring more professor to teach us different things so that a professor wouldn’t have to go out of his or her comfort level learn a new subject and try to teach us that new subject. Also one of the last things that i would suggest is a lab room that doesn’t close so student can work on projects or labs. And if this wouldn’t work then I would suggest maybe the college should give us student licenses for programs to use for the semester, even the the learning center has these programs sometimes we cant make it and it is way easier to have the program on our desktop or laptop at home.


City College

Farmingdale State College

New Platz



Poly Tech





Major/Education Reflection

Since starting at New York City College of Technology i have change my major once before staying in my current major Computer System Technology. At first when i entire college i was unsure in what subject to major in, after looking into several major i decide to major in my current field. Before I apply to City Tech i look at several different city university of new york school before making my choice to go to city tech. In the computer system technology department the class are explain to student and are low to pick which part of computer system technology they will like to focus on.

The computer system department lack computer in the lab, students have to wait a long time to user the computer. The department does not allow student to use their network outside of school. If student were allow to use the network outside of school, they did not have to wait for to use the school computer. In addition some of the programing language the school use are not available to student to use outside of school. The department also lack lounge and a room for student use to study or work on group project together. The department website is easy to used for new student and all the courses and student can see the course they will need to take for they associate and bachelor’s degree.

For this research paper I look at several different college and the courses they offer in computer science field. I read review and the look at the school website to read the course catalog. In Brooklyn college it is very hard to understand how the course college is laid out. It just take me the department website and all the course for the department are listed. It is very hard to understand the school website. At itt technology institutes the courses was listed but there was not description of what the courses was about, just the course number. In fordham university it was the same the course was listed but not description of the course. In several college i looked at the course was listed but there were no description of the course.

In queens college the course they offer were similar to the ones they offer at city tech. The college lays out the catalog for the student and the description of the course they offer. The college even have a section where they listed the special topics courses they offer to students. At The city college of new york the college offer student a hybrid major where the student can major in computer science and electrical engineering department. It is very interesting to see that because the city tech offer both computer science and electrical engineering as different major and cannot be combine to make one major. Unless i went to these college and take course related to my major, i will not understand if the course were alike or different. In the computer system department some class require student to complete certification in order to pass the course.


Work Cited

Brooklyn College

ITT Technical Institutes

Fordham University

St. Johns Uiversity

Queens College

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Syracuse University

Vassar College



City Tech Education & Career Preparedness, Iurii Druchuk

In general, so far, I have noticed that computer systems department in New York City College of Technology does provide the basic knowledge; the education, however, is focused on the fundamental understanding of how everything runs. Courses that I had experience to take were basic and lacked, even on this basic level, the practical or applying studies. While researching the job space demands I found that, all of the jobs require the presence of the practical experience and much less of the ads include having the degree as a requirement. After researching, I have came to the conclusion that experience and practical skills are more important than even complete degree certificate. The priority of the nowadays job employment in IT fields are circling around practical knowledge and experience.

In order to make our department succeed in giving a student individualism and practice, the department should go in the direction of some of the best schools of studies in computer science. In the USA, we have many universities that provide very decent trainings and degree practices, which benefit to student’s individual development of the practical or applied studies. While I was researching, I have used a website U.S. News & World Reports under the education section. The website provides best ranking schools that are successful in the computer systems or computer science.

The main idea I have researched consisted the subject of any other unique classes, additional engagements and awards, as well as resources that would be giving the student more applied studies over the fundamental theories. For instance at the Stanford University, we can find the specified computer systems laboratory, which is also something I would suggest for the NYCCT to implement. This will also benefit students to practice and have laboratory experience, become more individual and have potential to grow practical experience.

Looking at University of California Berkeley, I found something called Self-Paced center  where students can choose to learn what they really want. For instance another programing language, or take another oriented engineering course. Where students can have benefits by getting tutorials and individual interest information. In addition, the university provides numerous research areas that fit interests of the students. On top of this, the university works with some top computer companies and, therefore, makes it easier for graduates to display their potentials to the work community.

Another good example is Carnegie Mellon University. It is also one of the best schools of computer science. The university provides numerous awards to these motivated student who have succeed in the field of developing and creating new work. This way department of computer science encourages students to apply their abilities in the direction of the research and increase their academic level.


Washington University¬†has a class called ‚ÄúHardware Design and Implementation‚ÄĚ which is also something the department of our college misses. Again, we are focusing here more on the virtual and basic site of the computer disciplines. However, by following the example of Washington University, the department should also take care of the hardware knowledge, very physical layer of the computer systems technologies. Keeping in mind that this is a very practical knowledge base. Moreover, the course outline includes the laboratory hardware and hardware for experimentation.

At Georgia Institute of Technology, for instance, in the department of computer science,¬†they have a special program which is called Threads. Threads program is a unique approach towards giving the students ‚Äúbreadth and depth‚ÄĚ in their education, as it is explained by their Senior Associate Dean Charles Isbell. The program lets student to choose their most likable classes and approaches, and develop themselves in that particular area. This is a very good example of how NYCCT could give students more freedom over their interests and potentials. This is the way in which student could get more individualism in their education here at City Tech.

The computer science department at University of Illinois provide classes that are very specific. For instance, if a student is interested in Android development, there is such class. There is such specialized area. However NYCCT lacks such experiences in our department.

One of the most common advancements that these schools have is that they provide a career growth. They have numerous programs of master and doctoral degrees. For instance, at NYCCT students in the CST have this ceiling over them, which stops them from further growth. The department provides only degree up to bachelors programs. Meaning is that these other universities let their students project their careers and see some greater aspects for the future. In the NYCCT, however, students have to transfer for that purpose.

These universities give their students more classes available, which contributes to their experiences not only by providing fundamental knowledge. In addition, I would like to point out that getting practical knowledge is not a group or teamwork. It is mainly individual approach of each student, the ways he or she approaches to the problems and the way a student responds to the tasks in the field of CST; it is based on the personal experience with these problems. Therefore, I would like to suggest for our college to focus more on the individual development. Provide for the mighty student resources in order to give them more opportunity, make their experience more independent and more concentrated in their own abilities. Follow the examples of the universities and their approaches listed above.

Overall, many of the universities have greater support for their students. These universities set their priorities to make student valuable and active asset into the future. They are more open to the worldwide communities and national or even global projects, like University of Wisconsin, which participated in the CloudLab researches. Taking as another example University of Michigan, which provide such specialized subjects as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Architecture. Comparing to these schools NYCCT needs to provide to their students of CST department the ability to choose what they like the most and develop with it. Implementing programs like Thread from Georgia Institute, make available new higher programs and insert broader spectrum of courses provided. In general, give more materials, physical space and providing more resources to grow for their students individualism and practical knowledge.


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  6. Georgia Institute of Technology, the specialized program Threads.
  7. University of Illinois
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  10. NYCCT



Samson’s Education Reflection

During my job search, many of the job requirements and responsibilities listed scare me. I felt my education in New York City College of Technology, or Citytech for short, isn’t preparing me enough.  To me, my college courses are only teaching us the basic of our materials. I could be wrong because I haven’t worked in my field. However, I’ve done research on the requirements needed for information technology related work. It seem to me, people tend to use programs and have skills more advance than what I am being taught. I do understand it is not the college’s fault because sometimes the professor decided to teach the material they want.

My first computer security class was more of a terminology course. The professor was trying to get us to familiarize the type of viruses, and their origin.  Which is normal for the basic of our lecture. However, throughout the semester, I felt I didn’t learn much. We spend most of our time talking about work ethic. Toward the end of the semester, we have to do our own research project and present it to the class. Luckily, that was only applies for my computer security course. My other module course was practical, which I prefer.  We set routers, firewalls, and security protocols. I learn from hands on.

The courses provided by Citytech qualify us for most of the job listing, but not enough to make us effective in the working environment.  The lectures only scratches the surface of the material, and the rest and advance technique needs to be self-taught.  For example, the ad (Example Job Application) wants the candidate to be fluent in the Linux/Unix operating system.  The college does provide a course for Linux/Unix. However, there’s a limit on how much one semester can teach us. So, we will have to download and use the operating system in our time to use in order to be fluent with that operating system. For the job requirements, there wasn’t much expectation listed on communication skill, but I assume companies want someone to be fluent in english and go straight to the point.

I do believe college courses should prepare students for future career. Education’s purpose is to prepare students for their step toward society, and put their skills into use for their job. The courses required in Citytech for graduation are very flexible. Such as, a student is required to take biology, when the student is pursuing the computer security. The flexibility of that design is, if the student wants to change from security field to either science major, or medical technology. The student doesn’t have to retake those course. But it waste time for those that are trying to go straight for their field. I believe there should be options for students to not take a certain class.

Searching through other CUNY colleges. Their offered courses for information system are similar. Yet, it has a specific set of skills that are broken down, such as cryptography for computer security. I believe those are very important¬†lectures that are not provided in Citytech. For City College, I looked up their computer science program because for the ‚ÄúInformation System‚ÄĚ it is an MIS degree. That major requires more math course than Citytech. For Baruch College, the business focused college. It is expected that their computer program are mainly focused in business, like focusing on spreadsheet, and formulas. Therefore, I feel Citytech’s courses are generalize, while other colleges are focused toward that one major.


Queens College

City College of New York

Baruch College 

Hunter College

Brooklyn College

City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

When I arrived at City Tech, I had big ambitions about the school. I was expecting it was going to be one of the best schools to come to for computer systems. I was wrong and highly disappointed when I walked in to class and wasn’t enjoying the class. I had a hard time understanding the professors so I would go to their offices but no one helped me either. It was hard to actually learn and understand when the professors didn’t really care much. Another concern was the elevators. It’s a school for technology yet elevators don’t work. It sounds a bit ironic. The curriculum here in City Tech was supposed to be the best one for computer systems but it is not. It isn’t even close to being amazing. They do prepare you sort of for the future but not really. We don’t have lab and internship classes. There was one to take as an elective but getting into that is difficult. It needs to be updated so much more. Jobs out there require us to have good verbal communication skills and to be able to perform task. How can we if aren’t getting the right education? A lot of changes need to arrive to this curriculum. I looked into other Colleges curriculum and found good and bad ones compared to ours and I will explain a few of them.

Of all the classes I took here, there were ones I loved and ones I hated. Some felt like I don’t need to know at all. We all start of off with intro to computers in City Tech which basically gives you a outline of what a computer is and how it works. Later on we take classes that relates to programming, networking, database etc. These are all fundamental classes that is only an intro class and won’t really help us in the future. We have to take precalculus and calculus who is only going to help the programming students but of course every student has to take it even if we aren’t doing programming. Would a networker need to know precalculus to solve a problem? It’s highly not needed. They teach us classes that aren’t gonna help us in the long run.

When we graduate and look for jobs, employers are going to make us perform a task. City Tech does not prepare ourselves for this. That is a major flaw they have. My closest friend who just transferred to City College this semester is loving it there. I looked up City College’s Curriculum and they actually have laboratory classes! This is a huge thing because that will actually help them when they graduate. Of course they also take a lot of math and they’re courses are more related to computers than ours. Our college isn’t even close to having that. Of course our school is better than some colleges as well. Brooklyn College’s Curriculum for example is a really disappointing. They have a curriculum where its hard to understand anything and they also don’t offer much there.

I even looked at the more expensive and higher up colleges. NYU Poly’s curriculum has everything we need. Labs and a wide arrange of classes. You can basically go in any route you want in that college. They are really organized and explain in detail what you need and when you need it. Our college isn’t even close to that. Our curriculum looks a little organized but sometimes it’s hard to understand what classes we need next. When we go get advised, we don’t know what class to take next because our advisors don’t really help us! They just say “ok” and don’t really give a proper guide on what to take.

My suggestion to my department is give us more lab classes and internships. This will really help us for the long run when we go apply for a job. We need to able to experience what it is going to be like when we are in the real world. With lab we can have more hands on experience will help us in the performance part of the interview. Another suggestion is to give us more computer related classes and less non computer related classes. We are here to learn about computers, not science, not math or anything else. And a MAJOR suggestion to the actual school is fix your wifi and elevators and think about installing escalators! It is not fun running up to the 11th floor.


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Due to this is my first semester at City Tech, I have not grasped the full extent of what this school has to offer. But I can say this, from looking through the catalog of this school I can say that with these classes that I take from here, it would help in me gaining knowledge in my field of Computer Systems technology as well as any career that relates to my field whether it be in software development, system administrator or network administrator. I haven’t come to terms which path I will be taking as of yet but from looking over the material of the catalog, through the organization of the catalog of how what is to be taught in specific paths, I can see which path I would be taking. Another thing that I like about the City Tech when it comes to my major is the options that they give you. Now that can be a good thing or bad because the way that technology is going it could be better to stick to one field and be really good at it but on the other hand, with learning from these options, you are not limited when applying for a job.

Now as I researched some of these other schools like Hunter college, Queens college and NYU, I saw that some of there courses are similar but different in terms of they don’t call the course Computer Systems but instead consider it Computer Science and as for the organization of what is needed I think Queens college had a good one where you got to see what would be needed for your curriculum. Another school I noticed was Devry and since I transferred from that school, after overlooking there catalog, they didn’t have Computer Systems as a course in that school. The only courses they had was the Computer Engineering technology and Computer Information Systems. In comparison, the Computer Information Systems was maybe the only course that I would say came close to our Computer System course. Also, what was intriguing with Devry was when you were close to completing your course, your final course would be a senior project where you would invent or design something related to your field that you would have to present before a panel of professors in your field.

In the end, as I learn more about the school from my peers and from what I read about from the other blogs of my peers in relation to my field, is that there is work to be done in order to make our school better. As for the catalogs from some of the other schools, City Tech’s catalog is a lot more detailed and organized than the rest. From our in class session a few issues that need to be handled example, there no labs and a lack of software, unnecessary courses, lack of communication when it comes to internship and things of that sort which should be looked into. If these issues can be resolved, it would better help us when applying for a career in our field of study and build the school’s creditability.

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