Class Notes for 10/15/14

Important- Going forward reflection letters for all first drafts  

Key for summarizing an article:

  • First sentence should be title of the article and the thesis in your own words
  • Be sure to summarize in the present tense and in first person
  • Periods and commons inside quotation marks
  • Use MLA citation for summaries

Final Draft:

  1. Due next Wednesday 10/22/14
  2. Reflection: whole process including visibility testing both as the tester of others objects and your own
  3. Graphics
  4. Object
  5. Run visibility again
  • For instructions of prototype be sure to detail better, include graphics, simple wording, be sure to include all steps and try to keep it to one action per step

Votes for best Project:

Baloony 5

Can Chair 4

Critter 3

Circuit Board 2

Card House 1

Basketball 1

Crossbow 1

Summary for “The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle

In this article the main idea that Turkle is getting across is that we have lost the skills of conversation and replaced it with connection through text and social media. Turkle supports her main idea by constant examples throughout the article. In paragraph 12 Turkle says ‘We are tempted to think that out little “sips” of online connection ass up to a big gulp of real conversation. But they don’t. E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, all of these have their places – in politics, commerce, romance and friendship. But no matter how valuable, they do not substitute for conversation’. She also states that “FACE-TO-FACE conversation unfolds slowly. It teaches patience, When we communicate on our digital devices, we learn different habits”. Turkle says that we use conversation with other to learn to converse with ourselves. And lack of conversation diminishes the chances of learning the skill of self-reflection. After Turkle did some research about people and their relationship with technology and says “Researchers around the world are busy inventing sociable robots , designed to be companions to the elderly, to the children, to all of us”. in paragraph 24 Turkle said  “So, in order to feel more, and to feel more like ourselves, we connect. But in our rush to connect, we flee from solitude, our ability to be separate and gather ourselves. Lacking the capacity for solitude, we turn to other people but don’t experience them as they are. It is as though we use them, need them as spare parts to support our increasingly fragile selves”. However, burke does state that the skill of conversation can be fixed, she says that we should make room for conversation both at home and in the work place. she even says to listen to one another because it is often in unedited moments, moments in which we hesitate and stutter and go silent, that we reveal ourselves to one another. Turkle  then ends the article and gives us a challenge “So i say, look up, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation”.



The Flight From Conversation By Sherry Thurkle

PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

When playing video games such as Call of Duty with my friends or family its very important to me to plan out strategies with them over a via bluetooth through the PS3.

This instruction manual has 12 part: precautions, registering(pairing with the PS3 system, registering(pairing) the headset with other bluetooth devices, priority setting for bluetooth connections, charging the headset, using the headset, status indicator display, headset features for the PS3, before requesting service, specifications and last but not least the limited warranty.

After reading the instruction manual I then connected my bluetooth to my PS3 and this took about 2 minutes the instructions for this part was very very clear and easy to understand. however, what i found very interesting is that not only will this bluetooth work with the PS3 but also with mobile phones which i had no clue about. Another thing that i found interesting is that under the same category there a hint at the bottom of the section and the hint said “you cannot use a usb cable to pair the headset with a bluetooth device other than the ps3 system “after a while my bluetooth actually stopped working and well i guess i just found out the reason on why my brand new bluetooth broke it after a couple weeks of being used.

This instruction manual was very well put together, everything made sense and there was also mini steps on how to install or complete whatever you are trying to do. When i first got this expensive bluetooth I didn’t really read through the instruction manual and thats why my bluetooth broke on me. Next time I’m going to actually read through the instruction manual especially even if i know what I’m doing just because I thought I knew what i was doing with the bluetooth and it ended up getting damaged.

Its very important to have an instruction manual thats easy to read and understand just to make it much easier for people who don’t know much about the product and for those who think they know what they are doing and actually end up messing up the product so they wont damage the product. also so these people won’t have a problem installing that product. It is also very good to refer back to the instruction manual when ever you get stuck with something that you’re confused with.


PS3 Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

Major/Education Reflection

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono and I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Technology (EET) at the City College of New York City of Technology. And the program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. Before the fall semester of 2013 the EET department only had an Associates degree that they offered to the students. With just that associates degree it would have been very hard for us to find a job without having any experience. But know the college offers the students a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Technology. Even though this is different from the bachelor degree that many other tech schools offer we can still find a job out in the market with this degree. I do feel like the major classes that our school offers to use are similar to the major courses that high ranking tech schools offer.

However, we differ mostly in the level of  science and math classes that we have to take. In schools such as City College they go up to calculus 3, differential equations and linear algebra, courses like this. Were in our school the highest math class that we have to take is calculus 2 and probability and statistics. If City Tech was to add some higher math courses it could definitely be a huge help in our major course were the degree of math is way much advanced than what they show us in calculus 2. Also without these courses that City Tech doesn’t offer to the student and that City College does I feel like it doesn’t really help us to think and depend on program such as MATLAB to help us whenever things get too difficult. Farmingdale State College they offer physics and so do we too, but their physics is calculus based while the physics that the EET department wants us to take is algebra based physics. Taking algebra based physics makes the physics really easy and sometimes the students need to be challenged especially when we have to take calculus why make us take a physics that is lower than the math that we will be working with in our EET courses. In the State University of New York at New Paltz the students in the Electrical Engineering major are required to take a programming class and also chemistry. This Classes aren’t even required at City Tech, the programming class I think should be a requirement just because we do use it when programming a mircocontroller. Like I said before if City Tech offered more advanced courses in math and science it would definitely help us out when working on problems and not always depending on our calculators or program to do the work for us.

The major and lab courses that are required without our department are similar indeed this is were our school is on an even playing field with the other top electrical engineering school in the area. City Tech is really hands on with the students and they do help us with projects and the labs are really hands on and they help us explore our creative ideas.

My suggestions would be to have more classes that would be an intro to the programs that we would use when working on labs and projects. Also along with the lecture and labs I feel like in each one of our lab courses we should design a little something to help us with the designing aspect of engineering. The classes are a good size of 18 students per class which is good because you can have more one on one time with the professor, however, I would suggest hiring more professor to teach us different things so that a professor wouldn’t have to go out of his or her comfort level learn a new subject and try to teach us that new subject. Also one of the last things that i would suggest is a lab room that doesn’t close so student can work on projects or labs. And if this wouldn’t work then I would suggest maybe the college should give us student licenses for programs to use for the semester, even the the learning center has these programs sometimes we cant make it and it is way easier to have the program on our desktop or laptop at home.


City College

Farmingdale State College

New Platz



Poly Tech





Online Identity in a Networked World

When it comes to social media I don’t have much, just an Instagram, were I post pictures of things I like to do and the occasional “selfie”. However, my Instagram is private but after reading the Employers Scour Web for Details on Applicants article I saw that Deljanin assumes that employers have a way of breaching privacy settings. Also another thing that I realized when reading this article was not only do employers look for silly pictures of you on the web but they also look for eBay comments. When I googled my name a couple of picture had popped up from my Facebook days when I was about 14 or 15 years old other than that most of my blog post from open lab had popped up. What did come up when I googled my name was this app that I use to record my speed, miles ridden and  time whenever I am riding my bike either to work or school or just riding around for fun. Other than that there wasn’t anything really up there on the web about myself that I think would limit me from finding a job.

I did realize that my online identity can affect your job prospects, I avoid this though by having limited social networks and knowing what to post and what not to post. However, there are many ways in which social media and affect your job prospects in a good way for example I am an Electrical Engineering and Technology major and after I have finished my project and it worked I have posted a video showing how it works and showing the program that I wrote. Another way social media can help your job prospects in a good way is by posting pictures of your work on Tumblr or another social networking site. For example in the spring of 2014 I was interviewing my neighbor Taip who has his own business and I asked him “can social media help me find a job?” His answer to me was “yes, of course.”  One of Taip’s friend that helps him out with his construction works actually has a Tumblr site were he post jobs that he does on house and he post the steps on how to install the system or whatever he is installing. So this type of social media can be good for ones business and ones also for ones future job if they saw his work.

I don’t think its ethical for employers to “google” their job candidates, and then use those finding online in their decision about employment just because your social site is for you to connect with friends and have silly pictures up because even if you post those silly pictures the way you act with friends is not going to be the same way you are going to act with employers. However, when you start abusing social media by calling out and going to a ball game or party or even the beach that’s when I feel like its ethical for employers to look at your social media. It’s also crazy how one in five employers use social networks in hiring process and how one of their major concerns was poor communication skills which I disagree with just because I think it is okay to use “slang” when commenting on a friends picture or posting something of your own.


One in five employers uses social networks in hiring process

Colleges Pay to Protect Students from Toxic Google Results

Employers scour Web for details on applicants


Enrique’s Job Ads

There are many important skills that employers are looking for however, there were two very important skills that every job ab stated the first was that they are looking for someone who has the ability to work as part of a team. The second important skill was they are looking for someone who has great verbal and written communication skills.   Not only are these employers looking for someone who has great communication skills, the employers are also looking for engineers with specific skills. Some of the skills that employers are looking are; fluency with standard electronics test equipment including DDM (digital multimeter) & Oscilloscope, advanced PCB level soldering skills, fluency with standard engineering documentation, such as schematics and assembly drawings, ability to identify standard electronic components, knowledge of and ability to practice good electrical safety practices. The last skill many of these employers are looking for someone to have is familiarity with embedded C and C++ programming.


However, along with the skill set that employers are looking for they are also want to hire engineers that have some sort of experience, the experience varies from one year of experience through anywhere between three or five years of experience. Along with being experience employers are looking for someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Many employers are also looking for engineering that a valid driver’s license to be able to get to different work sites. I noticed that many employers are looking for an engineer who has knowledge of National Electrical Code and industry standards such as OSHA and NFPA.


Many of the skills that employers are looking for I believe I have. Some of these skills I obtained from my time at City Tech such as lab reports and class projects. Not only did I obtain some of these skills from school but also from working at my day job were I’m required to work with my stock team that I manage. Even though I do have the skill set that employers are looking for what I lack in experience in the field. Not only do I lack the experience employers are looking for someone who has their bachelor’s degree. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree and I have about a year and a half until I receive my bachelor’s degree.


My time here I believed has definitely prepared me more that I would have thought. In the electrical engineer and technology department the professor are definitely doing a great job in teaching us and training us on how to use many of the new programs that employers want the engineer to have. Not only do the professor teach us how to use the new programs they also assign us into group to work on labs both hardware and software which would really help out in the field. Working in groups helps you develop good people skills and how to work well with other which is exactly what employers are looking for. With the skills that I myself have and the skills that I have obtained from my time at City Tech the best thing for me right now is to look for a position either as an intern or as an electrical engineer helper. Either one of these position will be perfect just because I can gain the experience that employers are looking for.

Jobs Cited:





Enrique Who?!

Hello, my name is Enrique Bisono  I’m currently attending New York City College of Technology City University of New York. I am working on my bachelors in  Electrical Engineering and Technology. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to purse a masters degree but if the opportunity comes along I will. While I am a full time student I am also the stock manager at Aldo Shoes.

When the spring semester had finished my friends and family and I had tons of plans of how we thought our summer was going to be; weddings, birthday parties, pool parties and lots and lots of tanning. However, as we all know and have experienced things in life just don’t as planned. So during this summer I mostly worked and barely had any fun until memorial day weekend when we started it off by going to electric zoo then ended it by going to a family tipico party. What I plan on doing this semester is studying really hard to boost up my grade point average and i also plan on looking for an internship or a job in my field. 

Since I barely have any picture of myself on my MacBook I posted a picture of my fixed gear bicycle which I named Roxanne and who turned 2 on August 2nd.  I ride my bike to work everyday and i sometimes I ride to school but i get really really paranoid when i ride to school because I always think someone is going to steal her.



My strength as a writer is that I believe I always have really good topics to write about. My weakness as a writer is that I don’t do much of it to really gain experience that is is needed. My background with technology is really good especially since that we live in the 21st century technology is all around us. In class my group and I had said that technical writing is basically dumbing it down for people who don’t know too much about technology. What i hope to learn from this class is how to exactly do the dumbing down.