Class Notes

Class Notes for 12/10/14

1. Final Draft due next week, at the beginning of class.

  •  The portfolio of everything that has been done from beginning to end.
  • The final draft is to be submitted in PDF in the dropbox.
  • Submit an Individual Reflection discussing the project. Minimum of two pages.
  • Also, a final course reflection is needed for the project.
  • They are to be submitted as a word document with: “Your name,” Final Course Reflection and “Your name,” Individual Final Project Reflection.

2. To get more information about the Final Project, go to openlab, then Collaborative Final Project.

Note: When doing a report, remember the key point are: Analysis, Synthesis, Integration and Narrative.

Topic Sentences – Body paragraphs

Three things it should do:

  1. Introduce the main claim of the paragraph
  2. Support/Relate the Thesis/Argument
  3. Transition from the previous paragraph

3. The project is to be completed in MLA ——–work cited.

4. You can also refer to openlab to view “Wrapping up the Semester” where overall, the notes for help on the final project will be, also, as we are celebrating the end of semester, if anyone is bringing refreshments or utensils, reply in the comments area of wrapping up the semester.

Peer Review:

Student Success – Lian, Ivan, Ray, Samson

Video Game – Deniel, Enrique, Calvin

Board Game – Chris, Rosa, Tony

App – Derrick, Iurii, Vincent

Computer Club – Rene, Ogulcan, Goutam

Don’t Forget:

This week:

  • Last week for Agendas, Minutes and Progress Reports
  • Include in Final Draft of report as well
  • Make sure all work are in dropbox


What you learned from peer review/reading other reports/conferences/feedback with professor.



Meeting Minutes/ Agenda from Lian, Derrick, Deniel and Chris

Group 5: Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian

Location 1: In Class

November 19, 2014; 12:30pm-2:00pm

Location 2: Library

November 21, 2014; 4:30pm-6:45pm

Location 3: Online (Skype)

November 22, 2014; 7:25pm-8:25pm

Location 4: Online (Skype)

November 24, 2014; 11pm-12:05pm


Meeting 1:

Distributed the survey and memo to the other students of class to get their feedback about the survey.

Reviewed the survey to see what needed to be changed after the other students were finished with it.

We met with professor Belli to discuss our first draft of the survey and memo.


Meeting 2:

Discussed the survey draft from class and made corrections needed be.

Planned the groups which are going to work on the memo and survey.


Meeting 3:

Discussed what we are going to be doing for the presentation on Wednesday.

Since the memo and survey are being revised, we plan on sending it to professor Belli to get feedback of our corrections once completed.

Plans on having another meeting for Monday night to gather all information needed for presentation.

Meeting 4:

Finished gathering ideas on what we are going to be doing for the presentation.

Chose what part everyone in the group was going to be working on.


My Summary on “Flight From Conversation”

On the article of “The Flight From Conversation” written by Sherry Turkle, she focuses on how communication/conversation is being sacrificed for technology. The types of technology she speaks of in her article is social media, emails, text messages and artificial intelligence which are some of the things replacing regular face to face conversation. Another thing mentioned in the article is that, the author reveals that she prefers face to face conversation over technology because what it reduces is our interpersonal skills, patience and self-reflective skills. Two interesting citations is, 1) “A high school sophomore confides to me that he wishes he could talk to an artificial intelligence program instead of his dad about dating; he says the A.I. would have so much more in its database.” and 2)”One of the most haunting experiences during my research came when I brought one of the robots, designed in the shape of a baby seal, to an elder- care facility, and an older woman began to talk to it about the loss of her child.” which adds to her argument about how they have embraced a new kind of delusion that accepts simulation rather than communication.What the author’s main objective of this article is to, minimize the use of technology and start back relying on face to face conversations.

Turkle, Sherry. “The Flight From Conversation.” The New York Times 21 Apr. 2012

Samsung Galaxy S5 Manual Evaluation

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the latest smart phones to hit the market. With some of the new features on it, for example, features like the S Health, that can check your heart rate, check the amount of calories or the number of steps per day or the google drive that’s pre-installed where you can save your work and retrieve it on any other device that uses google, makes it exceptionally worth the buy. Though these features are introduced by seeing it, finding a way to locate them or even identifying what to look for also plays a factor, which brings me to the Instruction Manual.

When on the Samsung website, looking at the instruction manual it showed that it had ten sections within the table of contents with sub-sections of how to use the device. As a person that has used other kinds of smartphones before it isn’t an issue for me to use this one and if their was something that I could not find, I would play around with till I found my solution. But for a person who isn’t phone savvy, I would recommend that they use the manual because the way they outlined the manual, they made it approachable from beginning to end.

Meaning, that Samsung structured the manual in the beginning that if you had to put it together, you would know exactly what to do just by looking at the “Getting Started” in section one to the end where you can setup your finger scanner in “Changing your Settings” in section nine. Another thing that I noticed with there online manual is apart from having sectioned and organised, they made it that if you were trying to find the information on the features of your phone, eg. located in section two “Understanding Your Device,” they made it interactive that you click on the sub category like “features of your device” and it would take you to that link which not only describes the device but displays pictures as well to let you have a visual look at the tool which I think is cool because it saves time as well as it collaborates with the description.

Overall, I like the Samsung Galaxy S5 manual because it is interactive to people that may know how to use as well as the people that aren’t technically phone savvy. The structure that it gives from beginning to end is great for all users to use at any convenience.

This is the link.

Online Identity in a Networked World

With social media on the rise where someone can post pictures and communicate with others, it has its good and bad points. I don’t really follow all the social media but the only account I have is facebook. There are quite a few other social media sites out there as well like instagram, twitter and myspace, just name a main ones, that do things in there own way. The only media site that definitely differs from the rest of them to my belief is linkedin and that is because its more a website that focuses more on professional work. With Linkedin, I have posted a resume and other data about myself on it and have seen the views and even had feedback from a few companies that viewed my resume from it. Over time I got to know that some, if not all companies look to these websites to find any kind of information on there candidates. What I found interesting was what were some of the things they companies were looking for that could of determined whether you were a possible candidate or another resume to be tossed out.

One I noticed was in the article, “Employers scour Web for details on applicants,” where they mentioned that recruiters are looking at Linkedin accounts to for “consistency in dates, titles, education as listed on a resume as well as see if there are recommendations posted and read them to see who wrote them in the employment hierarchy. . . . we might check a Twitter stream to see if a candidate posted his or her impressions on an interview,” mentioned by Jason Banks, VP, which meant to me is that companies are paying attention to posts so that there isn’t  any fraudulent acts or wrongful discussions of the company from the candidates. Not many people are aware of the damage that some of these social media sites can cause because they believe that once there data is private and there settings are setup that only there friends and family have access to it, they are safe. I believe that if the government can see everything that is being posted on them, there has to be a way for some of these enterprises and corporate companies to be granted access to these sites.

There were some good things I also recognized in some of the articles example, “Colleges Pay to Protect Students from Toxic Google Results,” which talks about how some of the schools are trying to find ways for students to bring a positive outlook on the media sites. Added to that, two schools which were Syracuse University and Johns Hopkins University as well as others were participating in a service called, an online-reputation tool that focused on helping students scrub and shine their Google results, which to me would be a good assisting tool. I believe that once someone has the qualities of being professional, that individual is going to succeed and with that being said, what this university did for its students in the article on “College Advises Students: Ditch the Selfies.” they demonstrated the purpose of making there profiles look professional and even offering professional pictures in the event a company was to view it whether it be on facebook, twitter or Linkedin, which could help them land a great job in the future.

When I looked up my name in google, the only place that showed it was on Linkedin. I am shocked to know that when it came to my name, they showed a lot of females and a few males from different states that appeared on facebook and twitter which meant to me that I haven’t broadcast myself. I do believe if that if a company was interested in your skills, they are going to do all the background research they can do on you and in some way but not all, it can affect the decision on if you will be given an opportunity or not for a job but as long as we pay attention to the things we post on these sites and adjust it to be a bit more professional, we stand a chance of having jobs. Technology is changing and is making it better for companies to have a little insight on there candidates because things like blogs and forums are assisting to help demonstrate what we as individuals can bring to the table for that special job, whether it be powerpoints or web designs, it all helps overall, as stated in the article “Online Identity & Networking for Academics.” Overall, it may seem that companies are trying to look into our private lives to find ways of not giving us the opportunities based on profiles and connections but I think if the companies met face to face and have conversations, they can tell the difference about that person.






City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

Due to this is my first semester at City Tech, I have not grasped the full extent of what this school has to offer. But I can say this, from looking through the catalog of this school I can say that with these classes that I take from here, it would help in me gaining knowledge in my field of Computer Systems technology as well as any career that relates to my field whether it be in software development, system administrator or network administrator. I haven’t come to terms which path I will be taking as of yet but from looking over the material of the catalog, through the organization of the catalog of how what is to be taught in specific paths, I can see which path I would be taking. Another thing that I like about the City Tech when it comes to my major is the options that they give you. Now that can be a good thing or bad because the way that technology is going it could be better to stick to one field and be really good at it but on the other hand, with learning from these options, you are not limited when applying for a job.

Now as I researched some of these other schools like Hunter college, Queens college and NYU, I saw that some of there courses are similar but different in terms of they don’t call the course Computer Systems but instead consider it Computer Science and as for the organization of what is needed I think Queens college had a good one where you got to see what would be needed for your curriculum. Another school I noticed was Devry and since I transferred from that school, after overlooking there catalog, they didn’t have Computer Systems as a course in that school. The only courses they had was the Computer Engineering technology and Computer Information Systems. In comparison, the Computer Information Systems was maybe the only course that I would say came close to our Computer System course. Also, what was intriguing with Devry was when you were close to completing your course, your final course would be a senior project where you would invent or design something related to your field that you would have to present before a panel of professors in your field.

In the end, as I learn more about the school from my peers and from what I read about from the other blogs of my peers in relation to my field, is that there is work to be done in order to make our school better. As for the catalogs from some of the other schools, City Tech’s catalog is a lot more detailed and organized than the rest. From our in class session a few issues that need to be handled example, there no labs and a lack of software, unnecessary courses, lack of communication when it comes to internship and things of that sort which should be looked into. If these issues can be resolved, it would better help us when applying for a career in our field of study and build the school’s creditability.

Links Listed: – New York City College of Technology – Queens College Course Listing – Brooklyn College – Mercy College – M.I.T. Curriculum – Hunter College Course Catalog – Baruch College Course Listing – City College of New York

Job Ads

In this assignment, looked into jobs that were related to Computer Systems and through that research, I noticed that this field is not limited to just software and programming but other fields such as networking and even some desktop support fall into the same category of the search. What I observed that some of these employers were looking for from its candidates were that they have a number of years in the field. One company stated that one needed to have about 10 years experience in java, SQL among other experiences that were about the same amount of years and certifications that were also needed to be included in order to have a job which made me realize that not only are looking for experience but having certifications would be a definite added bonus when applying for a position.

Another point I payed attention to was the minimum qualification requirements which also stood out to me was that they were all asking for a bachelors degree or higher when applying for some of these positions because though I may have the experience to apply to some of these jobs, I only acquired my associates degree and the degree they require for the position also would play in big part in being put ahead of the line. Some of the skills that majority of these companies wanted was proficiencies in MS Office, Linux, Java, SQL, C++ amongst a few others that would be needed for a position. Also, communication is key so a lot of the companies were looking for candidates with great verbal and written skills as well as interpersonal and presentation skills where they can have the ability to interact with members of management and staff.

Overall, in my field of study I can say that after looking through my job ads, I do have the experience potential for one or two of these positions, especially if the position is for desktop support engineering where I found it very interesting that it would even fall under the category of Computer Systems, where I thought that computer systems only dealt with programming and java, etc. but is just as broad to see that some of my other skills like networking, proficiency with active directory can assist in my advancement for a career in Information Technology. This is my first semester at CityTech and as a transfer student that studied Computer Engineering technology at another college, some of the courses are a great help when it comes to additional skills like C++ and java and I have listened to some of my peers who are in the study of Computer System technology of my advanced technical writing class discuss what the major has to offer, it made me realize that the collaboration of my past classes and the present classes from these two colleges are the experiences that will prepare me for the Computer Systems field. And though its a good start to things, there is still much that I have to learn that can really help me qualify for a position in my career.

Job Links:,-Inc./jobs/Desktop-Support-Specialist-b93999b25a28e8c5

Introduction(My apologises for the late response)

Hello all, my name is Lian Williams. I born and raised in the West Indies of Trinidad and Tobago for a big part of my life and moved to America in 2002 where I know reside in Brooklyn. In terms of education, I attended Brooklyn Job Corps, where I acquired my GED and certification in culinary arts. I worked in the field for a while and decided I wanted to pursue something else and as I looked back on it, remembering seeing the commercials of Devry Institute of Technology on television, on computer technology, I decided that this school was for me since I was interested in computers altogether. At Devry, I received my Associates degree in Electronics and Computer technology, worked there as well as a part time worker in the IT department, then returned to study my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering technology where I completed certain amount of credits till I had to stop because of financial reasons. After I left Devry, I worked at BestBuy for a while in the computer sales department and then got a really good job working full time in an IT department at Sanford Brown Institute, then later switched to part time. Now, I attend CityTech where I’m studying Computer Systems Technology. For the things that I like is soccer(or football known to others), swimming and having fun with friends. I’m really cool once you get to know me and a few aspirations are to live comfortable within my means, have a career in computer programming and have fun overall. What I intend to learn from this course is to be able to use the right words when sending emails or professional letters.