Job Ads Research


During my  research I found out  that most of the jobs involves technical communication in a written form as well as hardware and software experience. This area involves various occupations such as consumer electronics, software engineering, amongst others. This career has specific characteristics like communication skills on various topics through technology and giving of instructions in spite of the nature of the tasks. Therefore, Computer Information Systems  offers diverse career opportunities to the job market. However, there are various aspects that job advertisers seek to find in a potential employee. These aspects are mainly listed in the adverts, most are similar but there are also various differences, depending on the advertiser.

A look at various advertising sites on Computer Information Systems  and  it shows the specific skills required, the kind of communication and  hardware experience, depending on type of requirements they need. One of the common requirements is at least two years’ experience in the same field. Secondly, the advertisers seek to find a full time employee with Information Technology knowledge and a Associates Degree or Bachelor Degree. Another requirement is both verbal and written communication skills. This is because the employee is required to communicate with the end –users. Finally, the most dominant requirement on software literacy are windows OS, MS office, HD and other applications. Therefore, an applicant must  have some experience on the area.

From observation, I am well prepared for the job market. This is because I meet almost all the requirements. Additionally, I am conversant with most digital software in the modern market. I also have a pretty good communication skills and I like to solve technical problems. Moreover, I have worked as an intern in the same field as an assistant network administrator where I evaluated some of the network systems of the company and their applicability also I have worked troubleshooting with PC or Laptop as well as software (Windows 7,8,OS ,Linux)  . On the other hand, education at City Tech is based on the needs of the current market. Thus, students acquire useable knowledge which makes it less challenging to adapt into the job market. As a result, I am well cut out for the job market.

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