Meeting Minute 4—Tony, Goutam, Samson

Date: 12/07/2014

Start Time: 6:00 pm

End Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Skype video chat at 6:00pm

Attendees: Tony Chi, Goutam Seepersaud, Samson Gong

Objective: To complete the first draft of the final write up.

Work Assigned


  • Work on the part of the project that was assigned.



  • Complete survey rational and post on Openlab.

First Draft

  • Complete introduction, report and conclusion for the first draft.
  • Put together all progress report, minutes and agenda for appendix.
  • Put together the first draft.

Next Class Meeting

  • Complete final draft of the final paper and powerpoint presentation.

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Samson Gong

Please complete our survey

Fellow classmates,

Can you please take 5 mins to complete our new survey? We promise it is not 10 mins long and we need all the data we can get since time is running out. We thank you for your time.

Here is the link:




Calvin, Ogulcan, Rosa

Class notes- 12/3

REMINDER: Every week, the 3 things (meeting minutes, meeting Agenda, Progress report) have to be posted to blog an dropbox

Final Write-up/Report will have to have your minutes in your appendix

W 12/10: Complete first draft of Write-up/Report(submit to dropbox as a pdf. file by 12/9 11:59pm), Peer Review, BRING 6 PRINTED COPIES OF YOUR DRAFT

W 12/17: Final Write-up/Report due( 12-15 pg. collaborative report with appendix, double-spaced, bring in portfolio with marked first drafts, Post on dropbox), Final Presentation, Final Personal Reflection

Success- W 12/10 2:00pm
Board Game- W 12/10 2:30pm
Success- W 12/10 5:30pm
Computer Club- TH 12/11 11:30am
Video Game- TH 12/11 12:00pm

Main Deliverable- Final Write-up/Report: 12-15 pg. (of WRITTEN work) Report

a) Agendas/Minutes/Progress-> by Week
b) Revised Proposal/ Annotated Bibliography (minimum of 6 sources for groups of 3 and 8 sources for groups of 4)
c) Full Survey
d) Results from Data
e) Deliverables
*Appendix not part of page minimum/maximum*

You’re Final Write-up/Report should have:
a) Cover Page
b) Table of Contents
c) Report Appendices
d) Work Cited

You can add images
Assume readers know nothing about your project

Intro: Clarifying focus of project, Clarify key terms, Clarify argument
Background Information section *Research heavy section
Discussion of the data( Usability testing/Survey Results)
Conclusion( Set of recommendations for the future/Moving Forward)

Professor Belli is open to meet to discuss sentence level knowledge, transitions,grammar, etc…

Total: 50%
Write-up= 30%
Presentation= 10% ( slides clear, work cited, introduction, 15 minutes long, Dress professionally?*, Everyone must speak, practice giving presentation, time yourself)
Relection= 10% (Private, print our before class, Don’t post to dropbox/blog)

Reminder- This day was a meeting so add it to your meeting/agenda/progress report


Derrick, Deniel, Lian, Chris Meeting Minutes #3

Date: 11/29/14

Start Time: 2:00pm

Finish Time: 3:00pm

Location: Skype video chat

Attendees: Lian, Derrick, Deneil, Chris

Objective: To discuss the format of our final presentation format, our survey locations and what we have to do coming into the final weeks of class


-We began by speaking about how the presentation on Wednesday went, and how it compared to the others

– Much was mentioned about what we can do to improve before the final presentation, highlighting the positives and areas of improvement

– We discussed what would be the plan going forward in terms of fixing the presentation itself, and also the survey

– Mention of the survey led us to finalizing when and where the survey would be distributed

– It was suggested that the memo be slightly fixed as well.

– We spent a decent amount of time discussing what would be needed for next week and motivating each other to finish the semester in strong manner.

– Before we finished, Derrick reminded anyone that any new sources had to be added to the bibliography

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm

Minutes respectfully compiled and submitted by Christopher Roberts



Group 5: Lian, Chris,Deniel, Derrick- Next Steps

Group 5: Lian, Chris, Deniel, Derrick

We immediately broke into discussion about Lian’s communications with the person whose email was prominent on the computer club website.
We expected more assistance from this particular individual but they have hindered our progress and affected group morale. Considering it has been a hassle trying to communicate with this particular individual, we are brainstorming possible alternatives. We have a very urgent need for information and we have to find a new source as soon as as possible.

We then discussed some of our more work load heavy deliverables. In particular, our memo’s and survey’s. We will be meeting on Friday to start making the memo and survey more tangible. Preferably, we expect to be done by next week Friday. We also started to discuss possible points to administer the survey’s and the possible amount of surveys to administer.

Questions for Professor Belli:
1: In your opinion, what would be the best place to administer the surveys?
2: What do you think of our deliverables?

Aim for the next week: Ivan, Rene, Enrique, Iurii.

Agenda for the next week:

Discuss in depth all of the project details :

Making our ideas come to life through.

For that we are going to determine a more detailed layout of the game and its design.

For now size of the board-game is determined to be 12 by 8 in and about 3 in depth.

Before the next class we have to do:

Prepare materials: cardboard or clear plastic(we will have to research about this), resistors, LED lights, wires, battery, breadboard.

Get breadboards, which is the main core of the game, and determine how many of them we need to use


All of the design aspects, size and material use will be tested in the next week, and adjusted in accordance to our discussions and progress.

We are going to figure out the rules for the game, as well as the very first draft manual of how to put the game together, in case people wish to make it themselves. We will discuss how to make the manual clear and accessible for adults and for kids.

Afterwards, during our next meeting, we will do the actual game itself, try to assemble it with prepared materials and manuals.

Calvin, Ogulcan and Rosa Revised Proposal

What we propose for our final collaborative project is to create a survey given to students that will help reveal why the school’s graduation rate is so abysmal and why the transfer rate is so high. How we plan to approach this problem is to create a series of strategic questions that will ultimately show some sort of correlation that will assess these areas.

To proceed, we know that we have to take into account the vast amount of factors such as ethnicity, income, age, possible dependents, family matters, and  5 point scale questions that will ask about the satisfaction of education, facilities, and school services such as job placement help, tutoring, etc. We will also incorporate a short paragraph box for students to add any other relevant information or additional comments. We hope that with a large enough sample size; we will be able to reveal some sort of pattern.

We estimate that if the person seriously took the time to rationalize about each question, it will take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to complete the survey. To some, we know that it might be a bit lengthy but we want to be as thorough as possible with our questions and expect candid answers.

We know that our project will be compelling because it will provide valuable insight about the schools quality of education, satisfaction of student services, and effectiveness of classes through the feedback of students. With the results, we hope that we can build around these areas to improve the school’s statistics. It is important for the course because it will involve collaborating with other students in the class and most importantly will not be possible without the help of our classmates and students in the school.

Moving forward is our conceptualization of the project. Our project is broken up into multiple components: the questionnaire, the results, visual representation and a description of our project, a flyer to gain publicity, and we derived each question.

Some of the required research that we will need to do is to first look at similar surveys and how we can modify it to fit our own survey. We understand that our project isn’t the first to accomplish the same topic, so we need to look at others and understand the reasoning and relevancy. Most importantly and where the bulk of our research will reside is research what factors might determine a school’s graduation rate and transfer rate. Following up on that, we need to do research on what facilities, services other schools have that ours do not possess to see if there is some sort of correlation. We also need to learn how to plot our data for a visual representation which will probably be the most challenging part of this project.

For the division of labor, there isn’t an absolute definitive task that each member will administer. However, if there were tasks that each member will focus more on, Rosa will compose the questions, Ogulcan will talk about the rationale behind the questions, and Calvin will create the visual representation.  We will all contribute together in doing research for all the components of our project and getting exposure for our survey. We will ask class mates, clubs to participate to get as large of a sample size as possible.

Our methods of communication will be through phone, Skype, emails and setting up group meetings outside of class. This includes a well balanced basis where we have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication.

We will learn how to communicate verbally with others and with each other from this project. We will learn if our hypothesis is true or not. We will learn how to be better team associates and how to work in a collaborative environment.

This is what we hope to achieve with the given time frame that we are given. We will constantly make iterations as we see fit to help improve usability and accuracy of what we aim to provide.

Instruction Manual for the Iron Gym

For this assignment I decided to use the Iron Gym instruction manual. It is something that I already own and use on a daily basis. The Iron Gym is essentially a work out bar that you can use to perform a variety of exercises on the upper body. The manual is broken up into three parts where it first outlines the assembly process, the exercises you can perform and a nutrition guide after the workouts. Overall the manual is concise and easy to comprehend.

The manual first introduces the multi-functionality of the bar with a user discretion to prevent any injuries while using it. It then shows a computerized image of the bar with captions describing each part of the bar and a list of different pieces that the whole set comes with. The illustration for the assembly process is one image showing where all the screws should belong and how to put together the different pieces.

The next section which is also the largest section, are the exercises that can be performed on the bar. Each page from this section shows the proper form of the exercise and brief precautions to take to prevent any injuries. Each exercise also comes with illustrations that show the starting and ending positions for each exercise.

The last section is a nutrition guide that supplements the exercise section. This section covers the dietary factors and the recommended amount one should consume after the workout. It also breaks down the time of when each dietary factor should be consumed such as what time protein and carbohydrates should be consumed.

In conclusion, the manual is concise and easily accessible especially when compared to an instruction manual such as this. The assembly process is brief and the illustrations are detailed and straight forward.

Philips user manual

The manual i found is a Philips user manual. The product is a hairdryer, their HP8102 model. This is a common model of a hairdryer that you can buy in nearly any store that sells hair-care products. It can also be found online on websites like Amazon. This hairdryer is special, it is unlike other hairdryer. This hairdryer can fold in on itself making it portable.

First clarity, the manual is very clear. The pictures are large, they are well labeled and the labels correspond to well written descriptions. From the images you can clearly see how the hairdryer should be folded and you know exactly what to press and where. From even taking a cursory glance at the manual, I understood what it was for and how i should be using the product. It was even a pleasure to read the manual because of it’s clarity.

Second is accessibility. This manual was pretty easy to find. All i did was search for the model of the hairdryer on Google and it was a top result. If i could find it so easily, i think anybody else could, too. Not only is it easy to find, but the information inside it is also very accessible. I knew what i was looking at the second I saw it. It was clearly labeled at the top and the picture matched my product. Sometimes different products get grouped into one manual because they are very similar. They don’t always account for the slight differences between the product and the user becomes confused. This was NOT the case with this manual.

The manual has very high usability. Mostly due to the fact that it is very short. This helps keep your attention while you read. Most people never open their manual, but the few that do quickly become discouraged due to the length. You’re not bogged down with a ton of instructions, lots of labeled pictures and long-winded text descriptions. You know what you bought the product for, so you just want to know how to use it properly and this manual is very usable in that sense. Gets right to the facts. It describes how to fold it properly. It then gets into how to properly use it to dry your hair. Last and certainly the least it, it gives you the Guarantee and service section of the manual with all the things nobody wants to read but they have to say. Afterwards, you get another set of images of the products just so you don’t have to flip the pages or scroll up again.

Philips user manual, HP8102 blowdryer model