The Thing Itself

To me, I think the differences between photography and reality are first, people can see more details in a photograph which are ignored in their lives. Secondly, people also get resonance and feeling from the same photograph; besides that the photography can be more directly illustrates things than words. At last, photography is the way for catch one moment of our life, and not change as time past. based on that we know the reason that photograph might be more important than the thing itself is, it keeps thing at one moment and people usually get resonance from it.

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Hi, my name is Zhen Weng. In 2009, I came to New York City with my mother and my sister. Because I am a quiet and shy person, I usually like to stay at home, go to library or coffee shop where quiet places to me are. In free time, I often make some handcrafts. The reason is that I enjoy making work by hand, which I consider these hand-made works are unique, and you cannot find other works that are exactly same as them. Besides that, I also draw pictures at home. When I draw my works, I usually inspire my idea from looking at the life by using my opinion and my feeling, and sometimes the inspiration suddenly suggested itself to me.

Currently, I am the student of New York City College of Technology, and my major is Communication Design. The reason I choose this major is that I like drawing and everything about art; in addition, I never took any class of graphic design and art advertising before the college started. Therefore, I study this major for knowing more about new things, and expand my knowledge of art.  Based on that, I wish to be a creative graphic designer by learning more skills of graphic design at New York City College of Technology.



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