#7 Internship Journal-Motivational Posters

In the ensuing days, Kara (our office manager) assigned me to update business cards for new staffs. And Aaron told me to do some previous works he’d had done as part of my practice including imageĀ editing for event photos and mock-up.

Although Swish had set the specific parameter for their brand campaigns, we still looking for innovations of advertising strategy. Tanner Cohen, one of the co-founders of Swish Beverages as well as the creative director of the company, want to extend the new campaigns. Therefore, he came out the idea of motivational posters and assigned this project to Aaron, Saba(the other intern), and I.

I was excited and nervous about this assignment because it will be entirely my own design based on the direction. However, Aaron wasn’t satisfied with my firstĀ draft posters because it is unattractive and less energetic, and I agree with him because I was not sure about what kind of design will be suitableĀ for motivationalĀ posters without losing mainstream American culture.

Then Aaron suggested me to make several square typographic posts which similar to the style of Seamless poster ads for this motivational posters.

Later on, I sent the revised posters to Aaron, and he was satisfied with my works this time. Tanner also liked our jobs; he said”The motivational poster style is feeling very right to me, but try it in our color schemes. It works because of its cleanliness and simplicity.”

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