#12 Internship Journal-Holiday Card

At the beginning of December, I had a collaborative project with my colleague Saba(the other graphic design intern), which is creating Christmas holiday cards for our customers. I was excited about it because it is my first printing design project in Swish. Unlike the other holiday cards we saw in the store, Tanner(our co-founder & creative director) does not want too many Christmas elements on the card including Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Nutcrackers and so on. Instead of that, he prefers the combination of our products (Babe Logo, Babe Rosé can, and Grigio can) and few Christmas elements but not religious.

Saba and I decided to do design apart without any discussion, after which we will discuss each other’s design work and select the right one from these drafts after we finish some rough drafts.

At first, I start to do researches on the Pinterest for inspirations. So I have a basic understanding of different styles and designs of holiday card available in the market. I list several ideas about the characteristics of our company. Afterward, I drew several decorative figures and then place them into the card to see which of them are feasible.

On the next day, Saba and I have a critique with Aaron about our works, and Aaron likes the decorative edges I made which he thought is simple and clear. Aaron also loves the illustrations that Saba designed on the cover of the greeting card so do I. I consider Saba has stronger Illustration taste than I, and I always learn new design knowledge and skill from her.