#13 App Review-PANTONE Studio

The first mobile application I reviewed is calledĀ PANTONE StudioĀ and launched by Pantone in 2016. Currently, it is only available for iPhone users. I think PANTONE Studio is an excellent app for young, creative, and digitally savvy people working in the design field. And the thing I appreciate most about PANTONE Studio is its features of color collections and convenient sharing process to Adobe Library and the leading social networks.

At first, PANTONE Studio hasĀ a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 standardized hues across all Pantone libraries and disciplines, from fashion to graphics colors. I can choose any five colors to build a specific color palette, then add named palettes andĀ geotag locationsĀ to save to my library.

Secondly, Image feature of PANTONE Studio allows users to pick five colors from any photo you took. I think it is very efficient for me, by selecting from color guides, extracting colors from inspirational pictures and images. Additionally, designers can send palettes direct to Adobe Creative Cloud from within the app.

In conclusion, PANTONE Studio is my favorite mobile app for creative designers where we can explore, capture, create and share color inspiration with friends and colleagues.