Visually Enhanced Quotation

The designs of Abraham Lincoln’s quote


Typeface: Blackoak Std   Bold

The idea of this poster is to express the integrity of people, so I set color blue as the background, which symbolizes trust. I use capital letter to type this quote because I think it can make this statement be more stronger. At the same time, it is also more obvious to show the picture of Abraham Lincoln.


Typeface: Arial   Bold

At first, I use color red for the the phrase of ” NEVER EXPLAIN ” which is the significance of this quote. Beside that, i also use color black to point out the word ” believe” to show the second significance of the quote. Secondly, i make a hierarchy design in this poster through the size and the color of the  fronts. At last, I choose the painting of Lincoln to let the poster enriched and persuasive.


Typeface: Tw Cen MT   Regular

I choose color black for the fronts which has highest contrast with the white background. Beside that, I highlight the significances of the quote, so the audiences easily to see the theme of the quote. Finally, the reason I choose this image of Abraham Lincoln for the design because I consider it is solemn, and make this quote be more convincing.

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