Reflection Week2

What kind of graphic designer am I?

Mission statement: Zhen is a graphic designer who is passionate about design, without losing creativity, imagination, and personalization. Also, she finds inspirations in her life, tends to bring some surprises and excitement in everybody’s ordinary day.

During three years learning and exploring communication design, I have been known much knowledge and get the more profound understanding of design with Adobe creative suit especially Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator.

By now, my direction within a graphic design is to be a generalist who is competent in several different areas of the same industrial design, including posters, magazines, packaged goods, and so on. I believe that the expert skills of design are necessary, which leads the graphic designers to have a basic understanding of different field areas in the industry world. Besides, with work experiences in the various field of industry, it contributes to creating the greatest variety of ideas, avoiding single bland design.

Besides that, I learned lots of information on diversity in the field of industrial design which includes the advertising agency, branding, editorial design, book design, packaging, multimedia&website design, wayfinding, and apparel.Based on that, I can begin at editorial design, advertising agency, and packaging in future. All of these areas allows designers to have more design freedom and involve their style in work.

Most of my works are printing works including the advertising campaigns, typography posters, and magazine designs which related to the fields of Advertising and editorial design. And the composition of these works usually contains a powerful visual image with a short and simplified copy. However, I am considering studying motion graphic design due to the continuous renewal of informational and digital technology.

Overall, I wish to be a creative graphic designer and work in the general studio where I can work on from print to web and advertising that involve my creativity and passion for expressing the ideas to audiences.