#6 Internship Journal-First Week in Swish

In my first days as a graphic design intern at Swish Beverages (Drink Babe}, Aaron (my supervisor) did not give me the major design projects in progress at Swish but walk-through and acquaint me with policies, Swish Brand Guideline, and peers. I agreed with his decision because it helped me quickly adapt to the working environment, business, and continuous learning in practical work, and continuously improve themselves, do a good job.

As I mentioned in the previous journal about Swish that the primary target audiences of our company are young adults age with 21 to 40 years old who like to share stories through social media. Besides, our founders are social media experts with hundreds of millions of avid young followers on Instagram. Therefore, advertisements and campaigns of Swish focus on the most popular social media in the United States especially Instagram.

It is why the first design work that Aaron assigned to me is to make five IG copy posts. And the layout of the IG copy already set the parameter, so I only need to change the color of background and text and also replaced the new copy. The process is simple, but I enjoy reading these contents which are humorous and culturally rich. So I can learn more about American idiom and American culture.