Reflection Week7

In today’s class, professor illustrates several things to us that related the career of graphic design, including the differences between art and design, and the salaries of people who worked in communication design field. Besides that, we also have learned the lecture about visual symbolism in the last half of the class.

In the process of design creativity and art creation, both of them distinguish mutually, also the mutual connection. Art creation mostly based on the fine art, and it is also an alternative aesthetic which makes viewers feel something through the artist’s artwork. However, the design creativity of the graphic designer trends the commercial art that is selling the idea. It is designed to reach and compel the target audiences to purchase products and services. Compare with art process, the development of design less involve personal approach indiscriminately due to the client’s demands. To be a creative graphic designer, people prefer to seek the balance between art and design in their works, which make their design impressively.

Besides the discussion of the differences between art and design, the professor also conveys salaries of people who work in the communication design field. As undergrad students, the amount of the salary of a real job in this area is one of the top concerns for us. According to the website of PayScale, “a graphic designer earns an average salary of $41,764 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career.” Which themselves differ across regions that may influence the wage of the designer.

Graphic design is a visual communication, and it should interpret the information and concepts to persuade viewers to action. Therefore, we have studied lots of its knowledge which includes graphic symbolism. With the rapid development of commodity economy and the diversification of mass media, signs are omnipresent in today’s society and play a significant role in our daily lives. Also, it conveys a unique message such as culture, age, and life experiences. According to the philosopher, Peirce divided signs into symbol signs, index signs, and icon forms. A symbol has no resemblance between the signifier and the signified. An index shows the physical connection of what’s being represented, and it is not limited only graphic element. An icon has resemblance between the signifier and the signified.

Overall, I do enjoy today’s class; it gives us a deep understanding of the development process of fine art and design, the salary of graphic design in today’s world, and visual symbolism.