#3 The Culture of Swish Bev

Swish is hard to define as a wine company due to it a passionate and entrepreneurial culture that combines diverse and flexible skills. I have been working Swish for two weeks, and also more accustomed to the rhythm of the company. The interior design of the workplace for Swish is a studio. Swish Beverage office has a large, simple, and bright space and also the combination of the old style of Tenement with dark light, vibrant colors, and wild accessories. It creates an energy and passion for inspiring the environment.

The attire at the Swish Beverages informal and all employees of the company wear casual clothes. Besides, the typical workstation of employees is an open work area where people can overhear things, contribute when it makes sense, and have impromptu discussions about anything that matters.

Overall, I enjoyed Swish Beverages’ working environment even Fast paced productivity and the atmosphere of the hustle and tranquil.