#15 Internship Journal-Role Model

Along the journey of life, we will meet various kinds of people, and all of them have different characteristics and distinct from each other; which includes some people are a role model that we set an example for future study and work. During the time of participating in Swish as a graphic design intern, I consider two people as my role model on the area graphic design expertise; they are Aaron, our Design Lead and Saba, my colleague who is also a graphic design intern.

As I mentioned in the previous journal that our working area is an open work area where people have impromptu discussions about anything that matters, therefore, Aaron and I have the daily conversation and demo the work every day, and he always gives me useful and professional feedback to improve my design. Besides that, I also watched how Aaron worked and the communications with our co-founders which is also revealing his expertise.

Saba, I am pleased and thankful to Saba, my colleague, and friend who is always patient on helping me when I have questions. We often discuss each other’s design work and then have comments about these works. Saba has stronger Illustration taste than I, and I always learn new design knowledge and skill from her. Also, Saba and I have lunch every Wednesday and have a blast in catching up with each other’s recent life.