#5 Networking Event

David Rockwell At The Parsons Table with Paul Goldberger

New York City has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. As a resident of this modern and prosperous city, I like to stroll around, enjoying the architectures. This month, I attend the conversational interviews of David Rockwell at the Parsons to understand David Rockwell’s architectural aesthetic.

Last week, I went on an event to The New School. As a communication design student, I was excited about this scene because it was my first time to visit this professional networking event to meet people related to the creative design field.

The New School at 66 West 12th Street. In this event, the New School host David Rockwell at the Parsons table with Paul Goldberger to talk about his life and the creative process and innovative thinking of his design work. David Rockwell is the renowned American architect and interior designer, and also the founder and president of Rockwell Group; Paul Goldberger is contributing editor at Vanity Fair and Joseph Urban Professor of Design at The New School’s Parsons School of Design.

In the beginning, Rockwell illustrates his background. David is born in Chicago, Illinois, and also lived in different places during his childhood includes Deal, New Jersey, and Guadalajara, Mexico. As his mother worked as a vaudevillian and choreographer in the theater, Rockwell begins his association with architecture especially theaters. Therefore, his background and circumstances have influenced his design style such as the color and spectacle of Mexico. In 1984, Rockwell founded Rockwell Group, and his architecture film united through a fusion of architecture, theater, craftsmanship, and technology to create his style Projects that delivers innovative and urban design, within the United States and internationally.

The projects of Rockwell Group ranged from theaters, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, museum exhibitions, Broadway sets and so on. In this talk, Rockwell has conveys some of his unique projects that his work team and he have done in these several years. For example Union Square Cafe, Nobu hotels and restaurants, TED’s 30th annual conference theater, the restoration of the Helen Hayes Theater, and Dream Hollywood. All of these architectural works show the characteristics of geometric, bold lines, streamlined, and gorgeous optical design which lead David Rockwell’s architectures remarkably.

Even though architecture belong to the industrial design field that has different functions from graphic design field, both of them share the aesthetic sensibility of visual communication to reveal visual information, ideas, and concepts of designers for the public. Overall, I enjoyed this networking event which gives me different experiences besides communication design and also has a conversation with people worked in these creative design filed.