#1 Internship Journal

In this summer, I got the first graphic design internship in my life which is in a private company named Swish Beverages (also called DrinkBabe recently). In July 2015 in California, Josh Ostrovsky(known commonly as The Fat Jew), David Oliver Cohen, Tanner Cohen, and Alexander Ferzan launched Swish Beverages with their first product White Girl Rosé. Currently, Swish has released five wine products and sold in 23 states across the country.

Unlike the other wine companies, Swish Beverages defines itself as wine without a traditional wine culture built around it and more about timing and lifestyle. For example, Swish has an innovative packaging of their products( https://www.drinkbabe.net ). A new form of wine package, clear visual effect and feel distinct style, simplicity and easy to read label are the essential factors for Swish to be the most photographed alcohol product on Instagram. And it is also the key to the success of this company. Therefore, the primary target audiences of Swish beverages are young adults aged 21 to 34 and love tweeting about their social life on social media.

In this year, Swish Beverages just moved their headquarters to a new place, and now it is located at 47 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011. The studio of Swish Beverages had the whole floor of the building. Currently, about 20 employees are working in the office, and many of them hired in the last few months including me. As a graphic design intern, I am working in the design team that will work closely with the Marketing & Social Media team.