#2 My role within Swish Bev

There are three people in the design team of Swish Beverages NYC office. Saba (another graphic design intern from Baruch College) and I both work directly to our Design Lead named Aaron Knapp. Aaron was graduated from Parson School of Design and worked as a freelance graphic designer with many Ad Agencies in the past four years. He was also got the Design Lead position of Swish Beverages this July.

The role of graphic design intern in Swish Beverages including assisting with visual content for social media, either with typography posts and animated gifs, support Marketing & Social Media team on storytelling projects and making presentations and decks.

I read the advertisement for the Fall 2018 Graphic Design Internship at Swish Beverages on indeed.com. Because I like the package design of Swish Beverages wine products, I immediately applied for this internship. Three days after I got a response from Swish, and the replier is called Michelle Wong who is Head of people at Swish. Then Michelle arranged a phone interview with me on the following Friday. During the phone interview, Michelle asked me several questions including “Tell me about yourself.” “what do you know about our company?” “why are you interested in this job?” With another three days pass by, I received Michelle’s email to invite me to meet with Aaron Knapp, Design Lead, and Tanner Cohen, one of the co-founders.

On August 9th, I went to Swish office and met the team. During the in-person interview, I was asked one question which is “Tell us about the best design piece from your portfolio.” Finally, I got the offer, which makes me believe that good design work is worth a thousand words and it is enough to impress the interviewers (in my case).