#10 Internship Journal-BABE’s Chill

I have worked in Swish Beverages for two months now. During this time, I also have involved getting to know my colleagues. I think the primary challenge I have with my internship in Swish is building interpersonal relations with my colleagues. In an unfamiliar environment, many people will inevitably come up against some problems that they have not faced before including me.

When I arrived on my first day of work, I was both excited and nervous because of the fear of the strange sense to the new faces and the workplace. After stepping into the office, Michelle led me to the workplace and then introduce me to other employees, and they looked at me with inexplicable and doubted eyes. I smiled and greeted them. The embarrassing situation was alleviated. Everyone grinned in a friendly way and welcomed me. From that day, I developed a habit, and every morning I saw them and smiled.

“A smile signals that you are safe, you are welcome, you are not in danger, and I am a friend and not a foe.”

Moreover, by attending company activities and events, I also have a deep understanding of my colleagues’ characteristics; many of them are funnier, livelier and more interesting in private than in work status.

Overall, this is the first time that I had participated in the graphic design internship at Swish Beverages(Drinkbabe), which not only broadened my experiences but also improved my confidence and how to get along with other people.

Benihana Swish Team Dinner

Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Me and Aaron(our Design Lead)’s work-“Headache Man”