Final Reflection_What I learned

During my college, I always focused on studying my major courses hardly, and get good grades for my academic performance. Still, I deliberately avoided job proposal, objectives, and expectations until I took Topics in Graphic Design class in this semester. Learning here has also offered me a clear direction about career planning for the future. It has confirmed me in my decision to become a graphic designer.

I always thought that COMD3503 is the class of learning Graphic design history and analyzing the successful designs works through the world’s foremost celebrity designers. However, professor Trofimova has taught lots of necessary information about the graphic design. For example, we have learned Depth of Meaning. It involves seven layers of depth and meaning in visual communication which includes perception, sensation, emotion, intellect, identification, reverberation, and spirituality.

Also, we have learned icons, signs, and symbols. Graphic design is a visual communication, and it should interpret the information and concepts to persuade viewers to action. Therefore, we have studied lots of its knowledge which includes graphic symbolism. With the rapid development of commodity economy and the diversification of mass media, signs are omnipresent in today’s society and play a significant role in our daily lives. Also, it conveys a unique message such as culture, age, and life experiences. According to the philosopher, Peirce divided signs into symbol signs, index signs, and icon forms. A symbol has no resemblance between the signifier and the signified. An index shows the physical connection of what’s being represented, and it is not limited only graphic element. An icon has resemblance between the signifier and the signified.

Besides that, professor Trofimova also emphasized presentation skills and group work in a team. During this semester, we had been arranged two group projects include art movement and culture life of different nations. My design teams choose Art Nouveau & Art Deco, and the culture of South Africa. In a design team, we have one art director, one project manager, one researcher and two editors who also play the role of presenters. I think the most challenging part of these group projects is share out the work and cooperate with each team members. The clients do not concern the design process but the result. Therefore, it requires the collaborative teamwork between the members. Based on these experiences, I have accepted my personal approach to accommodate the team’s process which trends the working module of design studios and ad agency in the real world.

Overall, I have many enjoyable and educational experiences through Topics in Graphic Design class. I consider this course is exciting and informative due to a wealth experience in communication design field from professor Trofimova and the field trips. So I do not think it needs new teaching material, instructional methods or improvements for this class. Learning the course has also offered me a clear direction about career planning for the future. It has strengthened me in my decision to become a graphic designer.