#4 Networking Event – Love Hype Productions

On September 18th, I had attended a networking event that was available on Eventbrite. The event is titled Motion &Graphic Design Meet-Up and located in 30 Marcon Street, Brooklyn NY, 11216. This Motion &Graphic Design Meet-Up was initiated by Love Hype Productions which was established by Yosef Alexander, an intense, humorous man with multiple identities in that he is a graphic designer, motion designer, and also professor. Besides, I also met Jason at the meeting, who is my classmate from Internship class. And then we exchange greetings.

The Meet-Up started at 6:30. In the beginning, we make a brief self-introduction to each other based on several questions that Yosef post on the projector including “who you are? What do you do for a living? and why you love design?” To me, I think a great design can tell a story and thus transcends cultural differences and break down the language barriers. Finally, there is no limitation on communicating audiences’ feelings and thoughts.

Then we watched some videos from experts in the industrial design field including Natasha Jen and Michael Bierut, and each of them provides their opinions about the topic of Design Thinking.

After we had shared thoughts of design thinking, Yosef introduced the primary challenge of this meeting which is to design a subway interior car card focused on the theme of promoting Brooklyn. Afterward, Yosef divided people into three groups for this challenge. In my group, my group members and I conduct the concept of Brooklyn Diversity through the subway car. As the primary transportation in New York City especially Brooklyn, a crowded subway reflects every racial and ethnic group who live in Brooklyn.

Overall, I enjoyed this networking event which extends my design thinking and also has a great conversation with other designers.

Group discussion about the concept of Brooklyn diversity