In the Spotlight: Culinary Improvisation

Students in Prof. Claire Stewart’s Culinary Improvisation course are reflecting on their cooking techniques and the foods they use for weekly improvisational challenges in the kitchen.  We were impressed with the detailed descriptions of their process, accompanied by photographs they took themselves.  By reading through their posts and comments they’ve made on each other’s work, you get a sense of the community they’re building in the class.  Take a look at what they’re up to, but with a warning that it might make you hungry!

In the Spotlight: “The Art of Food”



“The Art of Food” is an exciting learning community between Professor Garcelon’s Culinary I, Professor Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I, and Professor Cheng’s History of Photography courses.  In their course, their students explore whether or not it’s possible to appreciate food like a work of art and how food can be viewed in terms of aesthetic categories like beauty and taste.  The course site is very dynamic and very well-structured with great multimedia assignments from photographing food texture to blogging about Civil War soldier’s diets and foods that would be impossible to live without!  Take a look and enjoy!

In The Spotlight: #TheGuide



#TheGuide project, organized by Professor Karen Goodlad in the Hospitality Management department and Professor Laura Westengard in the English department, and created by their students, offers the OpenLab community a friendly neighborhood guide to local resources ranging from information about college skills, to tours of Brooklyn Bridge Park, to where to find the best local grub! This site is very well-organized and makes good use of widgets in the right-hand sidebar. Just check out all of those great categories! This site is a great example of how collaborative work done on the OpenLab can benefit the entire City Tech community.

In the Spotlight: Our Places: How We Commemorate

Our Places: How We Commemorate

This project is associated with Mary Sue Donsky’s LAW 2301 course, Estates, Trusts, and Wills.  Students  researched a commemoration for someone who had died, and posted photos and descriptions of the  commemoration sites, which were located in neighborhoods all over the city.  The types of commemorations were diverse, ranging from buildings, sculptures, photographs, street signs, and murals.  The work provides a deeper look at sites we might normally just pass by each day without taking much notice.

In the Spotlight: Skateboard Filming

Skateboard Filming – Muhammad Floyd

Another site from Jennifer Sears’s Advanced Career Writing course, Muhammad Floyd’s blog is about his passion for making skating videos.  He writes helpful reviews and provides advice about equipment and software.  We especially like how he includes video reviews he has created himself.  Also be sure to check out the link included on the About page to one of his skating videos. While the blog is focused on skateboarding, the information Muhammad provides would be helpful for anyone with an interest in video, especially related to shooting sports or other kinds of action.

In the Spotlight: Robots in Space

Robots in Space – Husaan Iqbal

Husaan Iqbal created this blog as a project in Jennifer Sears’s Advanced Career Writing course, which we’ve written about elsewhere.  A mechanical engineering major and aircraft maintenance engineer, Husaan writes enthusiastically about air and space travel, and the rapidly advancing field of robotics.  His site is also well-organized, with categories and tags that visitors can use to find posts on different topics.