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Line and Type ink sketches

Pattern Description- The feeling the image is projecting is overwhelmed, but also gives off a flowery vibe. This pattern has elements of both organic and geometric shapes. The line weight is really light and same throughout the photo. The shades are different and clear obviously. The mood of the picture is nice and flowery.

Texture Description- The feeling the image is projecting is that it makes me happy and hungry because I love pasta! The picture reminds me of home. The light on some of the pasta is bright and others in the back are way darker . High extreme contrast cause you can really tell all different shades.



Final Composition for Project 1

This is my final composition for both my obvious and ambiguous photo. I have learned that in order to achieve the ambiguous photo I was looking for I had to enlarge a part of the photo. For the ambiguous photo it took me a while to realize that I needed to change the proportion of the photo. I believe that I could have brought better materials, because inking these compositions were rather difficult, especially the ambiguous photo. I had to go over the ambiguous photos about four times to even try and get rid of the streaks that were clearly present in the photo. Overall, I will get better and more suitable materials for the next project and be better prepared in general.

The Stories & Descriptions for Project 1

The CrackIn the picture it shows a crack and some sort of object within the depths of the crack. The shape of the crack appears to be more of an organic shape, which are usually asymmetrical or irregular. The crack definitely has no set pattern and doesn’t follow many geometric shapes, such as triangles or something more uniform. The obvious in this image is the crack because it is right in the middle of the photo and the ambiguous part of the image is the background. This is because the obvious is in the forefront of the photo, while the ambiguous is in the background of the photo. The texture of the crack is rough and unrefined.

The Story-Once upon a time, there was a very clumsy giant named Gary. He fell over, bumped into things, and created tons of messes everywhere he was. Gary shortly realized that his clumsiness was making matters worse for everyone and slowly but surely every time Gary the Giant dropped something, fell over, or even stubbed his toe it would create cracks all throughout the human universe. So, now every time Gary stubs his toe a new crack is born.

The StickIn the photograph it shows a stick lying on the concrete floor. The stick, which is the obvious in the photo, has an organic shape to it. Meaning that the shapes are irregular or resembles more of an organism rather than geometric shapes, such as squares. In the negative space, or the ambiguous part of the image, you see a straight line going across the back. The straight line is accompanied by mass amount of pebbles and those have an organic shape to them as well. The figure/ground relationship really tells us that the stick is in the front and the pebbles are in the back however, the straight line is such a prominent feature of the image it’s rather complicated to tell if that is also part of the obvious in the photo. The texture of said stick is rather rough and prickly.

The Story-Sandy the sparrow was out looking for supplies to make for her nest when she suddenly spotted the most magnificent stick she has ever seen! She quickly flew over to it only to realize that the stick was magical. This stick, once placed in her nest, made the most beautiful nest any bird has ever seen. Even though Sandy had a beautiful nest and was the most popular bird on the block, but she soon realized that this stick and every gift that came with it wasn’t all glitz and glam. Even though she was the most popular bird, she was definitely the most disliked bird. Everyone was Jealous of Sandy and other birds even tried taking the stick out of her nest! This sudden behavior overwhelmed Sandy and she took the stick, threw it on the ground, and everything was returned back to the way it was.

The WiresThere are hanging wires seen in this photo. The wires are smooth and are the obvious in the photo. The figure/ground relationship tells us that the wires are the figure that should stand out against the brick wall backing. The shape of the wire is more organic because it flows smoothly rather than create sharp edges, like a triangle would. In the background however, the bricks are a definite geometric shape because they are symmetrical, have sharp edges, and take on more of a rectangle shape. The negative spaces, even though it is the background, is rather because and could be distracting to the main object in the photo, which are the wires.

The Story-The wires were placed by a couple of mice trying to escape a cheese robbery. They had successfully infiltrated the Jones’s house in Wisconsin, which was rumored to have the most delicious cheese in the world. The three mice friends decided to break in at midnight! The three mice scurried through walls, broke into the home, and escaped without a scratch. Now, these mice infiltrate the Jones’s house every night, still leaving the wires hanging.

The Trash BagThere is an ambiguous photo taken of a trash bag. The trash bag is rather full and has many different kinds of textures throughout. The main texture of the trash bag however, is smooth and rather silky. Once you touch it further you can feel the contents within the bag. You can feel something sharp and even something mushy. In this ambiguous photo there it little to no figure/ground relationship due to the fact that you can not tell what is in the forefront of the photo and what is in the back of the photo. The shapes in the photo are organic because there is no right angles formed, or any kind of geometric quality to this bag at all. The trash bag is asymmetrical.

The Story-The trash bag was pushed by the wind all day and all night, it couldn’t catch a break. It traveled from Arizona all the way to New York City. The trash bag has seen it all, through the amazing sight of the Grand Canyon, to the Washington Monument. The Trash bag was tired of traveling, but couldn’t stop because the wind was not letting up. So, one night while the bag is rolling through the streets of Brooklyn, it finally gets stuck on some gum and is very happy to settle down for the first time ever.

The PipeThe pipe is a very ambiguous photo because it has curvature, shadows, as well as highlights. The pipe is an ambiguous type of photo because there is not one thing overtaking the other and the pipe not only has a lot of texture, but it also shares an equal space throughout the photo. It is the most interesting because the photo is so close that you can barely tell it is a pipe and it could most definitely be another object. The shapes in this photo are rather geometric, there are multiple straight lines throughout the photo and those lines create rows, which end up looking like skinny rectangles. The pipe’s texture is bumpy yet smooth, because the pipe divots you get the bumpy texture but it is still made out of plastic so it is smooth to the touch. There is no figure/ground relationship because when a picture is ambiguous there is not really a figure in the image to compare it to the background because that line is blurred in an ambiguous photo.

The Story-Two carpenter bulls were trying to install a new pipe outside of Mr.Giraffe’s new home, but couldn’t come to agreements on what the proper way was to install it. They butted heads and argued for almost three days straight! Mr.Giraffe finally had enough of the two bulls and laid them off and said he would do it himself. In the end, Mr. Giraffe soon realized what the problem was, the bulls were arguing over how they would reach such high heights to install the pipe. Mr. Giraffe installed the pipe himself and now water was flowing in and out perfectly. 

The Trash BinIn this ambiguous photo it shows marks on a trash bin that was left on the street. This bin’s texture is quite bumpy because it has some raised areas. The raised areas feel somewhat like paper, while the non raised areas feel grimy and bumpy. The raised areas of the bin are the white areas seen in the photo and they have an organic shape to them because they are not organized shapes, meaning they do not follow a set structure, have a pattern. The shape is abnormal and not like your everyday triangles. The figure/ground relationship in the photo is between the raised white areas and the grey background. This is considered an ambiguous photo because there is not really a main figure that you are supposed to be looking at, there is nothing that your eye goes right to or stays focused on.

The Story-Terry the trash bin hated being used by the humans. He felt that he had more to offer than just holding people’s trash and he had big dreams. Terry… wanted to sing his heart out on Broadway in New York City. He knew that there was only one way of making it, to add some white spots to his grey look and he suddenly landed an audition for Wicked! Terry sang his heart out on Broadway and did that for almost 75 years! Now, still grey and old, he lives his life on the streets of Brooklyn still singing and making music.