Final Composition for Project 1

This is my final composition for both my obvious and ambiguous photo. I have learned that in order to achieve the ambiguous photo I was looking for I had to enlarge a part of the photo. For the ambiguous photo it took me a while to realize that I needed to change the proportion of the photo. I believe that I could have brought better materials, because inking these compositions were rather difficult, especially the ambiguous photo. I had to go over the ambiguous photos about four times to even try and get rid of the streaks that were clearly present in the photo. Overall, I will get better and more suitable materials for the next project and be better prepared in general.

1 thought on “Final Composition for Project 1

  1. Maria Iacono

    Your final pieces really portray obvious and ambiguous well. I really like the ambiguous piece because you chose to do it as a negative instead of a positive and that decision was really smart i think.


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