Project 5 – ImagiNATION

For this project I went out and searched for interesting objects and shapes on sidewalks. I had plenty, but these are just some of the ones I found:


In class I came up with some ideas for how to turn some of these objects and shapes into type designs. I tried visualizing them as letters and then thought of which words I would want to use for each composition.


Then I went back to the same sidewalks and used the same shapes as starting points for my designs. These are my end results:


To me they are all readable, but the middle one that reads “good” is a little harder to see. It bothers me that I couldn’t make it better because it was my favorite one to sketch out. It didn’t work out as planned because the concrete near the metal circle was full of pebbles and that was not something I had thought about before going back to the location. It was hard to draw on that surface.

I wasn’t able to get the letters of my “ugh” design to be as thin as the object but I think its okay. For that one I also had to fill in cracks with orange because if not the empty spaces of gray made it look weird and patchy.

My favorite composition to do in the end was the third one that reads “john” because in a way it was the most elaborated one and I feel like it just works best and actually fits in with the object/crack on the sidewalk that i designed it with.

This project wasn’t difficult to do in itself but it was work. I had to do them at night while relying on street lamps and flashlights. I feel like having done them at night worked in favor of my “good” composition because when I saw it in the daytime, the metal circle looked one bright and glossy shade of gray and everything I added in chalk looked darker. But at night with the few lights around it, it was more reflective and I drew my sketches and my compositions to look like that. I realize now that I didn’t think about the fact that the circle would be bright gray in light because I first took the photo of it at night too. So it makes sense for me to have done the chalk-work at night as well. This same thought applies to the other two compositions.

The process was tedious and a little nerve-wrecking because every time someone would pass by me while I was working on it I thought they might say something about me drawing on the sidewalk. But they didn’t. That made it a little fun too.

In the end I’m stuck between loving what I made and feeling that I could’ve done it a little bit better.

One thought on “Project 5 – ImagiNATION

  1. Esther Glasgow

    I admire your work because your effort and sense of creativity shines out. I also like how you meshed the yellowish chalk with the orange stain on the ground. All objectives were met on that one.


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