Project 5 (Final) Sketches and Compositions (2)



Overall I’d say this project was in a way frustrating, yet fun for me. The reason why I said it was frustrating was because I’m very detailed so it took me more time over the weekend to ensure that everything was right. For the top two pictures of mine the first one was a picture of different ginger ale bottles I’ve seen so when I sketched them out, I decided to arrange them and draw letters out of it. The second sketch of mine was that of a pothole I saw and decided to use that as my focal point and create a chocolate chip cookie. I also decided to use the rest of the letters as different kinds of cookies with the “c” eating them. My last sketch (last pic) was that a series of gum in which I found that I decided to make the font gummy while having the clump of gum on the “g” as my starting point. The last of my final compositions were that of a cigarette bud acting as it’s on fire. I wanted to create a more dangerous appeal and show off how dangerous cigarettes can be to someone. My second final composition was that of a crack that resembled a snake to me. I decided to create the word snake with the ending of the word acting as the snake head. Lastly, my third composition was that of a crack on a set of stairs. I didn’t like the way it came out especially with the last “c” and “k”. It was kind of hard to pull it off, but I wanted to challenge myself. It also rained a bit that day, but most of my work was preserved. This project was fun and I find this interesting that no matter where you are, you can make art out of anything.

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